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The kick-off meeting of key projects presided over by Professor Liu Wenhui of our department was held in Wuxi

on January 3, the kick-off meeting of the key project of NSFC" hydrocarbon emission control factors and oil and gas resource allocation model of marine source rocks "undertaken by Liu Wenhui, a distinguished professor of our school, was held in Wuxi. Professor Liu Quanyou of Sinopec stone Exploration Institute, Professor tenger of oil and gas resources investigation center of China Geological Survey Bureau and Tao Chenggao, deputy director of Wuxi Institute of Sinopec stone Exploration Institute were invited to attend the launching ceremony. More than 30 experts and scholars from Sinopec Stone Institute, oil and gas resources investigation center of China Geological Survey, Southwest Petroleum University, Shandong University of science and technology, Jiangsu Institute of geological and mineral design and research and our university attended the meeting.

Professor Liu Wenhui first introduced the process of project establishment, objectives and tasks of the project, work content and expected results. Professor Liu Quanyou congratulated on the project, and pointed out that as the only key project in oil and gas this year, reflecting the attention and demand of the state for oil and gas resource allocation and evaluation, Mr. Liu's team is strong and energetic, believing that the project can achieve a series of high-level innovation results. Subsequently, the key members of each project, Professor Wang Xiaofeng, Professor Zheng Lunju, Dr. Luo Houyong and Dr. Wang Qingtao, respectively made a detailed report on the research content, technical route, expected results and implementation plan of their respective projects. Under the guidance of Professor tenger, the expert group had a serious exchange and discussion, and believed that the work designed by the key fund has both exploration practice and scientific theoretical significance, which is very worthy of affirmation. It is suggested to strengthen the investigation and research comparison of geological background of typical basins, further strengthen the combination of experimental simulation and actual exploration, and strive to make substantive progress on hot scientific issues. Finally, Professor Liu Wenhui made a summary speech after listening to the suggestions of the experts. It is believed that the key fund project is to do the key work with limited funds. This project is to carry out research around the problem that "rich organic shale is the source of conventional oil and gas, or the target layer of unconventional oil and gas, or both". It is hoped that all members of the project team can enter into the state as soon as possible, never forget their original intention, and strive to move forward.

NSFC's key projects mainly support scientific and technological workers to grasp the world's scientific frontier in combination with national needs, and carry out in-depth and systematic innovative research in accordance with China's important research fields or growth points of new disciplines with good foundation and accumulation. Starting from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024, the project of "controlling factors of hydrocarbon emission from marine source rocks and distribution mode of oil and gas resources" has a project fund of 3 million yuan, and the project responsible unit is Northwest University.

Professor Liu Wenhui graduated from the Department of geology of our university in 1982. He has successively worked in Lanzhou Institute of geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinopec riped. In 2017, he was employed as a special professor of our university. He has presided over and completed more than 40 national key basic research and development plans (973), National Science and technology research projects, National Natural Science Foundation, major fund of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sinopec major scientific research projects, completed more than 10 monographs, published more than 200 papers (28 SCI, 26 EI), and published more than 10 monographs. He has won 2 National Science and technology awards and 4 Chinese Academy of Sciences Awards. (contributed by Zhang Dongdong)

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