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"Symposium on development strategy of geology discipline" was successfully held in our university

from the 14th to the 16th, the" Symposium on the development strategy of Geology "organized by the Department of Geology and the State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics of our university was successfully held in Taibai campus. More than 120 experts and scholars from 32 units including Chinese universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Geosciences and China Seismological Bureau gathered in our university to discuss the development of geology The strategy is to further refine the major scientific issues in the field of Geology and establish the future development and priority areas of geology. He served as the director of the national foundation of China and the director of the project Chu hang. Professor Zhang Guowei, academician Shu degan, academician Zhao Guochun and Professor Peng Jianbing of Chang'an University attended the seminar.

Main venue

in his speech, Professor Lai shaocong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and vice president of the University, expressed his gratitude to all the experts and scholars for their presence and long-term concern and support to the University, introduced the historical evolution, development status and academic achievements of the geological discipline of the University, and hoped that the experts and scholars would continue to support the development of the geological discipline of the University as before.

in his speech, Ren Jianguo, director of NSFC, pointed out that the purpose of this seminar is to discuss the development status, opportunities and challenges faced by Geosciences, study and judge the future development strategy, and serve for the development of Geosciences and the guidance of NSFC projects during the 14th five year plan.

Speech by Ren Jianguo, director of Geoscience Department of NSFC

Speech by Professor Lai shaocong, member of the Standing Committee and vice president of ucpc

this workshop is divided into two parts: the report of the conference and the panel discussion. Professor Dong Yunpeng, who is in charge of the project, made a "report on the overall investigation and development of geological discipline", introducing the ideas, contents, progress and work arrangement of the "fourteenth five year geological discipline development strategy research". The conveners of 11 sub discipline research groups, including paleontology / paleoecology, structural geology / geotectonics, stratigraphy / sedimentology, Precambrian Geology and engineering geology, respectively reported the progress of the project in the past half a year, and made group discussion. On the basis of in-depth investigation by experts and scholars in relevant fields, and standing at the forefront of international and domestic disciplines, each research group selected a number of medium and long-term development and priority development directions of disciplines, as well as international cooperation fields, extracted 10 major basic scientific issues and major national needs, and put forward feasible technical routes and measures to ensure.

project leader, Professor Dong Yunpeng makes a report

this seminar not only serves the development strategy and the 14th five year plan of geological discipline of NSFC, but also plays an important role in promoting the position of geological discipline of our university, serving the development of discipline and building a first-class discipline.

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