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Detailed rules for the implementation of the recommendation of excellent undergraduate graduates from the Department of geology to study for postgraduate without examination in 2018

Excellent undergraduate graduates recommended by the Department of geology in 2018

Rules for the implementation of postgraduate study without examination

In order to do well in the work of recommending excellent undergraduate graduates to be exempt from examination and study for postgraduate in 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "promoting and exempting students"), in accordance with the spirit of the implementation measures for Northwest University to recommend undergraduate graduates to be exempt from examination and study for postgraduate with master's degree (ZF [2009] JZ No. 29), and in accordance with the research on Northwest University to recommend excellent undergraduate graduates to be exempt from examination and study for postgraduate in 2018 The implementation rules are hereby formulated in accordance with the requirements of the advance notice of production work and the actual situation of our department.

1、 Organizational leadership

The Department of geology has set up a leading group for the selection of Tui Wai students, which is responsible for the organization and guidance of the selection of Tui Wai students in 2018. The leading group is headed by Hua Hong, the head of the Department. Its members include Yu Mingxin, Chen Danling, Zhang Xiaoli, Li Qingyan, Liu Tao, sun Erli, Zhang Zhifei, Li Wei, Xie Wanli, Zhao Junfeng and Chen Liang. In case of any objection, the leading group for student selection shall arbitrate and explain, and submit the arbitration opinions to the school for deliberation.

At the same time, a student selection working group composed of Li Qingyan, Liu Junjie, Wang Xialin, Wang Haiyan, Wei QINXING and other members, headed by Chen Danling, the deputy director in charge of teaching, was established to be specifically responsible for performance accounting, information verification, material sorting and other related work. The Department of geology adheres to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and accepts the full supervision of the school and teachers and students.

2、 General requirements

1. According to the requirements of the procedures of the Ministry of education, the promotion and exemption work is divided into two stages: recommendation and reception. The recommended work will be finished before September 25.

2. All push and exempt students shall pass the "information disclosure and management service system for graduate students who are recommended by the Ministry of education to be excellent graduates of the year free of examination" (hereinafter referred to as "push and exempt service system", website: )Registration, application, retest, pre admission, etc.

3、 Types and places of deduction and exemption

The number of places to be exempted in our department is subject to the documents issued by the school.

4、 Application conditions and relevant requirements

All kinds of push exempt students are required to have the recommended qualification of studying for graduate degree without examination. In accordance with the requirements of pushing and exempting, the Department will conscientiously do a good job in the recognition of the recommended qualification for exempting from the examination for postgraduate degree.

(1) The following basic conditions should be met

1. Graduates enrolled in the national general undergraduate enrollment plan.

2. Have noble patriotism and collectivism spirit, firm socialist faith, strong sense of social responsibility, model compliance with laws and regulations, positive, physical and mental health.

3. Study hard and study hard with excellent results. Students of national talent training base shall be ranked within 2 / 3 of their major in the first three academic years (including 2 / 3), and students of other majors shall be ranked within 2 / 5 of their major in the first three academic years (including 2 / 5), and there shall be no failed subjects (refer to no make-up examination and re-entry courses).

4. Strong interest in academic research, strong innovation awareness, innovation ability, practical ability and professional ability, and should be recommended jointly by more than two professors of the school-based specialty.

5. Be honest and trustworthy, have a correct style of study, and have no disciplinary action or dishonest record.

6. Take the National College English Test Band 4 with a score of more than 425 (including 425); or take the foreign language proficiency test organized by the authority with a corresponding score or grade (TOEFL score ≥ 80 (valid for two years), or GRE score ≥ 1000 (valid for five years), or IELTS score ≥ 5.5 (valid for two years).

7. Get the written recommendation (handwritten recommendation letter) from more than two teachers with senior professional titles in the school-based discipline. The recommended experts shall have taught courses to the recommended students, or instructed the recommended students to participate in personal research projects, or guided experiments, competitions, innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, etc.

(2) The basic conditions for the exception of deduction and exemption

Top innovative talents with special academic expertise or outstanding training potential can apply for exceptional recommendation, not limited by the comprehensive ranking of their departments. The exceptional students do not occupy the promotion and exemption index of the Department, and their exemption qualification shall be examined and approved by the leading group of the promotion and exemption student selection.

In addition to the above 1-6, students applying for exceptional recommendation shall meet one of the following conditions:

1., the "Northwestern University" undergraduate competition promotion plan "a class competition", "Challenge Cup" national university students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition (Entrepreneurship Competition) and the national "Internet plus" College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the top prize winners of individual competitions, groups (more than 3 people won the prize), the top 2 winners of the competition.

2. Preside over and complete the national innovation and entrepreneurship training program for college students, and the project research must meet the corresponding achievement requirements (the first author who publishes / authorizes the patent is the moderator; if the moderator is the second author, the instructor must be the first author), and the conclusion is rated as "excellent" project.

3. The first author who has special cultivation potential and publishes papers related to his major in authoritative journals in this field, or authorizes the first complete person of national invention patent.

4. The retired personnel who have second-class merit or above in the army are the 2018 fresh undergraduate graduates of our university after resumption of school, who meet the requirements of graduate enrollment.

At the same time, in principle, students who break the recommendation must apply for the examination of Northwest University, and obtain the written recommendation (handwritten recommendation letter) from more than three teachers with senior professional titles in their own disciplines.

Results identification notes: (1) papers, patents, awards and other achievements shall be first completed by Northwest University and officially published or obtained before August 31 of the year in which the qualification is applied for exemption; (2) the identification of journal level shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the catalogue of authoritative journals and core journals of Northwest University (XF [2007] Ke Zi No.2). The supplement, special issue, compilation and conference paper collection are not recognized, the employment notice is not recognized, and the paper employment notice with DOI number recognition is recognized.

(3) Special promotion and exemption work of graduate education support group

In addition to meeting the requirements of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 in the basic conditions of promoting and exempting students, the following basic conditions shall also be met when applying for the promotion and exempting of students in the project of China Youth Volunteer postgraduate teaching support group:

1. In the first three academic years, the academic performance of cultural courses ranked within the top 2 / 3 of the major (including 2 / 3), and there were no failed subjects.

2. During the undergraduate period, he served as the main student cadre in the school or College (Department), and obtained certain work achievements; he was enthusiastic about public welfare, and had certain social practice or volunteer service experience (the advanced individual of volunteer above provincial or municipal level would be preferred);

3. Willing to carry out one-year teaching (service) work in primary and secondary schools at the basic level in the western poor areas, and must obey the distribution of the national project office;

4. Students who are promoted or exempted from the program of graduate student support group must apply to Northwest University.

(4) Comprehensive quality assessment and achievement accounting

1. Comprehensive assessment of students' comprehensive quality

Comprehensive interview: review according to the recommended conditions and the results of the courses taken, select the list of primary students, and conduct a comprehensive interview for students. The subject of comprehensive interview is "geological synthesis".

The reward score of innovation quality mainly refers to the score of quality assessment that students take part in academic competition, scientific research or innovation and entrepreneurship practice activities, and obtain obvious achievements or corresponding commendation in other extracurricular learning activities and recognized by the school. According to the relevant provisions of the measures for awarding bonus points for promoting and exempting innovative quality of students in Northwest University, our department has formulated bonus points measures for reasonable assessment.

2. Comprehensive assessment results of scientific accounting

According to the following formula, the comprehensive assessment results of the selected students are calculated, and the list of the candidates who want to obtain the recommended qualification for exemption is determined according to the ranking of the total scores from high to low. Among them, elective courses (excluding direct courses) and minor courses are not included in the results of the courses already taken.

Comprehensive assessment score = average score of completed courses × 70% + comprehensive interview × 25% + reward score of innovation quality (≤ 5).

5、 Procedures for pushing and exempting

According to the requirements of the Ministry of education, the recommendation work will be completed before September 25, and the acceptance work will be started after the recommendation work. The working procedure and schedule of recommendation link in recommendation stage of our university are as follows:

1. Before September 11: our department set up the leading group and working group for the promotion and exemption of students, and worked out the implementation rules for the exemption and recommendation of our department;

2. September 12 - September 13: our department organizes students to apply independently, urges students to fill in the application form of Northwest University recommending undergraduates to study for master's degree without examination, submits relevant achievement and reward certificates and other relevant supporting materials, and conducts qualification examination for promotion and exemption.

3. September 14-17: our department organizes a comprehensive interview for the primary students. On the evening of September 14, comprehensive geological examination was held. Before September 17, the promotion and exemption working group shall check the comprehensive assessment results, determine the list of students to be recommended in strict accordance with 120% of the allocated index of the school, summarize and sort out the basic information of the students to be recommended, make a public announcement (the publicity period shall not be less than 3 days), and submit the relevant application materials to the academic affairs office.

4. After the school's recommendation work, candidates applying for push exemption will register and register through the "push exemption service system".

6、 Precautions

1. In case of any fraud, the relevant students will be disqualified and punished according to relevant regulations.

2. Fresh graduates are not allowed to apply for overseas performance or academic degree certificate in the stage of recommendation organized by the whole university.

3. From the date when the school publicizes the list of students to the time when the school reports the list through the push and exemption service system, students can submit a written application to the school to waive the qualification of push and exemption, and the number of places to be waived shall be filled by the alternate students in the public list in turn.

4. Once a student is admitted, he / she is not allowed to give up his / her qualification for exemption for any reason. Otherwise, the university will indicate the dishonest record in the student's personal file and inform the employed domestic and foreign universities or employers by letter.

In all aspects of the work, students can monitor and reflect through the telephone or email published by the school.

Attachment: 1. List of the leading group for the selection of students to be exempted in 2018 of the Department of Geology

2. Bonus points method for promoting comprehensive quality of innovation of Geology Department

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