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Administrative measures for head teachers of Geology Department of Northwest University

Article 1 according to the spirit of the document "opinions on Further Strengthening the construction of counselor team" (dangfa [2012] No. 29), each class of the junior college students shall be equipped with a part-time head teacher, and the young teachers are encouraged to work as a part-time head teacher of the junior college students. In order to strengthen the scientific management of the work of the head teacher, improve the management level of the students and the quality of personnel training of our department, the measures are hereby formulated in accordance with the Interim Measures for the work of the head teacher of Undergraduates of Northwest University (Xi University [2015] No. 39) and other documents, in combination with the actual situation of our department.

Chapter II appointment of head teachers

Article 4 basic conditions for appointment of head teachers

2. Have a solid professional knowledge, strong language expression ability and organizational management ability, and be good at effectively combining guiding students' professional learning with ideological and political education and management.

3. Love student work, be a teacher, have a decent style, work steadily, be healthy, energetic, have a high sense of responsibility and dedication.

Article 5 the scope of appointment of a head teacher is generally professional teachers. In principle, young teachers under the age of 40 in this department should serve as class teachers for more than one year and pass the examination.

Article 7 procedures for appointment of head teachers

3. The qualified personnel shall register in the Youth League Committee Office of the Department after carefully understanding the management methods of the head teacher of the Department;

4. The student work leading group of the Department shall conduct qualification examination on the applicants, and finally determine the appointment candidates, and the appointment results shall be submitted to the relevant departments of the school for examination and filing as required;

5. Hold the employment meeting and organize the issuance of the letter of appointment.

Chapter III responsibilities of the head teacher

Article 8 a head teacher shall actively perform his duties during his term of office. According to the requirements of the superior and the characteristics of the class, work out the work plan every semester and complete the work summary.

Article 9 strengthen ideological and political education of college students. The head teacher should carefully study and convey the documents and policy spirit of the school and the Department on student education and management. Understand and master the students' ideological trends and personality characteristics, carry out heart to heart talk in a planned and targeted way, and help students establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.

Article 10 promote the construction of study style and carry out study guidance. We should educate students to correct their learning attitude, establish a good style of study and class atmosphere, understand their learning status and difficulties, reflect their learning requirements and suggestions, and care about helping them improve their academic performance and professional quality.

Article 12 assist in identifying and rewarding poor students. To assist in the implementation of the school's various funding policies, organize the identification of students with financial difficulties in their families, the assessment of awards and grants, and the application for student loans; to advocate the evaluation and funding fashion of honesty, trustworthiness, mutual assistance, fairness and justice, and help students with financial difficulties complete their studies.

Article 13 pay attention to the mental health of students and do a good job in psychological counseling. Understand and master students' family situation, personality characteristics, interests and hobbies, care for students' mental health, and actively do a good job of dredging and guidance for students with psychological discomfort.

Article 14 activity guidance and life guidance shall be given to students, and attention shall be paid to the cultivation of students' quality. Actively care for students' life and health, guide students to organize and participate in extracurricular activities, cultivate and improve students' comprehensive quality; urge students to participate in physical exercise, do a good job in dormitory and personal hygiene, develop good living habits, and advocate a healthy and upward lifestyle.

Article 15 assist in the management of interns, the guidance and service of graduates' employment, and assist in the guidance, education, appraisal and civilized departure of graduates.

Article 16 other tasks assigned by the school and the Department shall be completed.

Chapter IV Management and assessment of head teachers

Article 18 assessment principle

2. Adhere to the principles of objectivity, openness and fairness.

Article 19 the assessment contents of the head teacher mainly include: the understanding of the basic situation of the students, the investment in the management work of the class, and the work effect. The evaluation includes personal summary, instructor evaluation and student evaluation.

Article 21 application of assessment results

1. If the annual assessment result is "excellent", the "excellent head teacher" will be commended and rewarded, and priority will be given under the same conditions of excellent evaluation, going abroad, further education and professional title evaluation;

2. If the annual assessment result is "qualified" or above, according to the relevant regulations of the school, the teaching workload of 12.5 class hours per year will be calculated, and 3000 yuan of work subsidy will be given to the head teacher;

3. If the annual assessment result is "unqualified", it shall be dismissed, and the workload of the head teacher in the assessment year shall not be calculated.

Chapter V supplementary provisions

Article 22 the measures have been adopted by the joint meeting of the party and government of the Department and shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation. The student work leading group of the Department shall be responsible for the interpretation.

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