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Discussion between academician Zhu Rixiang of Chinese Academy of Sciences and petroleum teachers of our department

The one belt, one road Research Institute of Northwestern University, academician Zhu Rixiang, recently visited my department. During this period, we held discussions and discussions with the department leaders and the relevant teachers of petroleum research and development department.

At the symposium, academician Zhu Rixiang said that the petroleum discipline of Northwest University has a profound historical accumulation. He always pays attention to the development of the petroleum discipline of Northwest University, and hopes to further strengthen cooperation with the petroleum teaching and research office to promote the progress and development of the petroleum discipline. One belt, one road, one belt, one road, is the national strategy. The hope is that Northwestern University will pay more attention to the study of the oil and gas basin in the "one belt and one way" area, seize the opportunity and make new contributions to the innovation of petroleum geology theory and serving the national strategy. After understanding the current situation of the development of young petroleum teachers in our department, he gave constructive guidance and encouraged young people to plan boldly, innovate bravely and be the first, and constantly strengthen the innovation of theory and technology.

Professor Liu Chiyang one belt, one road professor Liu Wenhui, Professor Ren zhinli and Professor Zhang Jingong, who have made speeches in the geology department, thank him for their long-term concern and support for petroleum discipline in geology department. The development direction and goal of petroleum discipline in the strategic layout of "one belt and one way" are discussed in depth.

Finally, on behalf of the Department of geology, director Zhang Zhifei welcomed academician Zhu's guidance, thanked academician Zhu for his long-term concern and support for the Department of Geology and petroleum discipline, hoped to have more opportunities for cooperation and learning with Academician Zhu in the future, and encouraged young teachers of the petroleum teaching and Research Office to seize the opportunities and forge ahead actively.

This symposium has far-reaching significance for promoting the growth of young petroleum teachers and further clarifying the future development direction of petroleum discipline. The symposium was presided over by Zhang Zhifei, director of the Department of geology, attended by long Xiaoping and Huang Kangjun, deputy directors, and attended by relevant teachers in the oil classroom. (from Hongyan) < img ALT = "" SRC = "/ uploads / Editor / 2019-05-05 / 5cce45f2d1796. PNG" / >

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