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The first national seminar on the implementation plan of "new engineering research and practice" project of Northwest University was successfully held in our department

On April 27, the first national new engineering research and practice project of our university was held in the Department of geology. More than 20 experts from Changqing Oilfield, Yanchang Petroleum Group, Xi'an Branch of coal science and engineering group, 203 Institute of nuclear industry, Xi'an Geological Survey Center and other units, as well as leaders of Academic Affairs Office, Department of Geology and teachers' representatives of petroleum teaching and Research Office of our university were invited to participate in the meeting to discuss specific problems and Countermeasures in the implementation of the project.

Professor Wang Zhenliang, head of the first national new engineering research and practice project in our university, briefly introduced the basic situation of the purpose of the new engineering and the ideas, measures and expected results of the project. Under the current background of low oil price and vigorous development of new energy, the project focuses on many difficult problems of students majoring in resource exploration engineering. Based on a long-term and open vision, it actively and actively adapts to the new normal of economic operation and the new changes of talent demand for the development of different energy and resource industries, carries out professional training program setting and its dynamic adjustment, as well as the adaptation of major and regional economy We will speed up the formation of a dynamic adjustment mechanism for talent training programs through sexual research and practice.

The experts present at the meeting put forward many constructive suggestions for the outstanding problems in the talent cultivation of the resource exploration engineering major: (1) strengthen the basic education of undergraduate course, the practical ability training of students, the talent cultivation in new fields such as unconventional oil and gas, and increase the talent exchange between Universities and enterprises; (2) deepen the reform of the coal industry, such as the co mining of various resources, the active prevention and control of disasters, and the intelligent coal mining With the adjustment and reform of the state institutions, the functions of the geological survey departments gradually turn to the comprehensive exploration and multi-functional in the fields of "ecological and disaster geological survey" and new energy; (4) in the field of uranium geology, the cultivation of hydrogeological talents can be increased in recent five years to highlight the professional characteristics of multiple resources in the basin; (5) We will increase the training of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary talents, and expand professional fields in different directions.

The head of the Academic Affairs Office fully affirmed the idea of focusing on the dynamic adjustment mechanism of talent training program with problem orientation, and put forward suggestions on the cross integration of engineering majors and different industries, the promotion of professional vitality and characteristics, the introduction of a new evaluation model for engineering students, and the introduction of industry mentors. The head of the Department of geology stressed that the adaptability and leadership of the specialty are very important and based on the common development of multiple energy resources. At the same time, professional development should be constantly adjusted in combination with national strategic needs, survive in the changes, and find new directions, so as to be invincible in the industry..

The seminar played a good role in promoting the smooth implementation of national new engineering research and practice projects. We reached a high consensus on the adjustment of talent training program under the new situation, which is the first step to solve the talent dilemma. It will play a positive role in improving the teaching management level of new engineering in the Department and even the whole school, and promoting the construction of first-class disciplines.

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