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1、 Personal profile

From July 2013 to now, lecturer, Department of geology, Northwest University

September 2010 ~ January 2015, Department of geology, Northwest University, mineralogy, petrology, mineralogy, Ph.D

2005 / 9 ~ 2009 / 7, Department of geology, Northwest University, geology (base class), Bachelor of Science

2、 Scientific research

1. Project undertaking

research project:

Project of NSFC Youth Science Foundation of China, the origin of adakite in South Altun and its indicative significance to the process of ocean land subduction transition, approval No.: 416020522017 / 01 ~ 2019 / 12, in charge of the project

Independent research project of State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics (Northwest University): Research on genesis of mafic ultramafic magmatism in South Altun Tula region, 2016 / 01-2017 / 12), project leader

The national 973 second level project "ultra deep subduction metamorphism of continental crust and its transformation" has a special subject, approval No.: 201020044215 / 01 ~ 2019 / 12, in charge of the special subject

Four 1:50000 regional geological and mineral surveys in the area of nanqiemo Ruoqiang, Shanxi Province, China Gold armed police force set up a special topic "high pressure ultrahigh pressure metamorphism and its tectonic geological significance in the west section of South Arjin", 2016 / 03-2018 / 03, deputy project director

Teaching program:

Project of teaching and research plan of Geology Department of Northwest University, development and application of virtual simulation rock slice microscope, 2016 / 01-2017 / 12, project leader

2. Published papers

1. First author's thesis

(1) KANG Lei,LIU Liang*,WANG Chao,CAO Yuting,YANG Wenqiang,Geochemistry and Zircon U-Pb Dating of Changshagou Adakite from the South Altyn UHPM Terrane: Evidence of the Partial Melting of the Lower Crust,Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition),2014,88(5):1454-1465。

(2) Kang Lei, Liu Liang *, Cao Yuting, Wang Chao, Yang Wenqiang, Liang Sha, geochemical characteristics, zircon U-Pb dating and its geological significance of gneissic granite in the eastern part of the tatlekeblak complex granitic body in the southern margin of Altun, Acta petrologica Sinica, 2013,29 (9): 3039-3048

(3) Kang Lei, Liu Liang *, Cao Yuting, Wang Chao, Yang Wenqiang, Zhu Xiaohui, geochemical characteristics, LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb dating and Hf isotopic composition of Hongliugou potash feldspar granite in North Altun structural belt, geological bulletin, 2011,30 (7): 1066-1076

2. Corresponding author's thesis

(1) Liu Liang *, Kang Lei *, Cao Yuting, Yang Wenqiang, granitic magmatism in the early Paleozoic subduction collision process of South Altun, Chinese Science: geoscience, 2015, (08): 1126-1137

teaching time

Major and grade

February July 2015

June July 2015

Grade 2014 geology (base class)

September December 2015


Grade 2015 geology (base class)

First grade Qinhuangdao field teaching practice

2015 level exploration technology and Engineering

Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China Higher Education Working Committee, the first prize of innovation achievement exhibition and innovation achievement fair of the first postgraduate in Shaanxi Province, ranking 1/3 in 2014

Shaanxi Provincial Department of education, special prize of higher education teaching achievement award, ranking 5 / 5 in 2015


Kang Lei

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Magmatism in continental subduction zone

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