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1、 Personal profile

From 1993 to 1997, Xi'an University of science and technology, majoring in hydrogeology and engineering geology, received a bachelor's degree; from 2000 to 2007, Northwest University, majoring in lithofacies paleogeography and resource exploration engineering, respectively, received a master's degree and a doctor's degree in engineering; from 2013 to 2014, Boston University, U.S.A Visiting scholar of University; from 2007 to now, teaching and Research Office of mineral, rock and ore deposit of Department of geology of Northwest University has worked.

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers

Scientific research papers in recent five years:

1. Yang Rui, Li Hong, Liu Yi group, Lei Chuan, Lei Yun, Feng Shihai. Genesis of chert in limestone of Middle Permian Qixia Formation in Chaohu Area, Anhui Province, modern geology, 2014, 28 (3): 501-511 (corresponding author)

2. Li Hong, Liu Yi group, Li Wenhou, Yang Rui, Lei Chuan, Liu Linyu, Liu Hongfu, Li Haiping. Discussion on the genesis of Permian lacustrine microbial dolomite in Urumqi, Xinjiang [J]. Geological bulletin. 2013, 32 (4): 661-670

3. Li Hong, Liu Yi group. "Dolomite (rock) problem" and lacustrine dolomite research [J. Journal of sedimentation. 2013, 31 (2): 61-73

5. Li Hong, Liu Yi Qun, Liang Hao, Zhou Xiaohu, Jiao Xin, Liu Hongfu, Yang Rui, Lei Chuan. Genesis of lacustrine dolomite in the Middle Permian Lucaogou Formation of Santanghu basin. Journal of palaeogeography, 2012.14 (1): 45-58

7、Liu Y. Q., Jiao, X., Li, H., Yuan, M. S., Yang, W., Zhou, X. H., Liang, H., Zhou, D. W., Zheng, C. Y., Sun, Q., and Wang, S. S. 2012. Primary dolostone fromation related to mantle-originated exhalative hydrothermal activities, Permian Yuejingou section, Santanghu area, Xinjiang, NW China. Sci ChinaEarth Sci, v. 55, p. 183-192. (English version) (third author)

8. Liu Yiqun, Jiao Xin, Li Hong, Yuan Mingsheng, Yang Wan, Zhou Xiaohu, Liang Hao, Zhou Dingwu, Zheng Chaoyang, Sun Qin, Wang shuangshuangshuang. 2011. Primary dolomite of Permian mantle hydrothermal exhalation type in yuejinggou, Santanghu, Xinjiang. Chinese science D: geoscience, 41 (12): 1862-1871. (third author)

2. Scientific research projects

2016-2017 responsible for 1 horizontal project of Yanchang oilfield Yongning oil production plant;

2013-2016 presided over one national general fund for Natural Sciences (No. 41272115);

In 2007-2012, I was responsible for one project of the Ministry of science and technology of Sinopec as a three-level project.

Excellent award of the second National University micro course competition in 2015;

In 2010, he won the first prize of science group in the 9th young teacher lecture competition of Northwest University;


Li Hong

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Title:Associate professor
Direction:Sedimentology, reservoir geology, lacustrine carbonate (limestone, dolomite) Sedimentology

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