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Lin Jinyan, associate professor, Ph.D.; course: sedimentary environment and sedimentary facies; mainly engaged in sedimentary basin analysis, sedimentology, stratabound deposit and oil production engineering research; participated in the study of stratabound lead zinc deposit in Devonian System of Qinling Mountains, sedimentary facies and basin analysis of Late Paleozoic in Junggar basin, Turpan Hami Basin and Bogda mountain; sedimentary facies and reservoir characteristics and exploitation of Yanchang Formation of Ordos The research and practice of art.

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers

2. Devonian reef and its ore control in sanlixia, Zhen'an County, Shaanxi Province, Journal of sedimentation, No.1, completed independently

3. Discovery of large carbon fossils from renhegou, Zhen'an County, Shaanxi Province and tectonic evolution of Zhendian area, JOURNAL OF NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY (NATURAL SCIENCE), No. 6, first author

4. The formation and evolution of the unified intracontinental basin in Northern Xinjiang, new progress in sedimentology and lithofacies paleogeography, petroleum industry press, 1995: 372-375, first author

1. Stratigraphic correlation of Junggar basin, Sinopec western exploration headquarters, I undertake sedimentary facies and structural evolution research

2. Preparation of water injection development plan of Zhongshan Sichuan Oilfield, huayaobao drilling and production company of Yanchang oilfield Management Bureau, I am the project leader


Lin Jinyan

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Title:Associate professor
Direction:Mainly engaged in sedimentary basin analysis, sedimentology, stratabound deposits and oil production engineering research.

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