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1、 Basic information

1. Apply the principle and method of reservoir geology to the exploration and development of oil and gas, study the sedimentary characteristics, petroelectric characteristics, physical properties and oil-bearing characteristics of the reservoir, then evaluate the reservoir, predict the favorable oil and gas distribution section and distribution area; study the reservoir geology by the method of diagenesis.

4. The principle and method of sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy are applied to the study of sedimentary basins. Through the analysis of structural rise and fall, sea level change, provenance supply and paleoclimate, the study of basin sedimentary evolution is carried out.

3、 Lecture course

It mainly undertakes: crystal optics and petrology, microscopic petrology for undergraduates, principles of sedimentology and progress of petrology for master students, principles and progress of sedimentology for doctoral students.

More than 30 national, provincial and ministerial level and various horizontal scientific research projects have been completed or are in progress, and the representative scientific research projects presided over are as follows:

2. Calculation of new proved oil reserves in shijiapan area of vayaobao oilfield;

3. Comprehensive evaluation of reservoir in Hujianshan Miaogou Chang 4 + 5 reservoir;

4. Study on the depositional system of Yanchang Formation in Sancha Heqi area.

5、 Teaching project

1. Presided over the textbook crystal optics and petrology for the 11th five year plan.

2. Preside over the construction project of petrology teaching materials

6、 Academic papers

1. Liu Linyu, Liu Yi group, Li Wenhou, et al. Deltaic sedimentation and diagenesis in Taibei sag, Turpan Hami basin. Petroleum and natural gas geology, December 2002, 23 (4): 402-405.

2. Liu Linyu, analysis of abnormal transformation of smectite clay minerals, Journal of minerals, 1998,18 (2): 203-208.

5. Liulinyuliuyi group, sedimentation and diagenesis of Qiketai formation in the north of Turpan Depression, petroleum and natural gas geology, 1998,19 (3): 238-243.

6. Liu linyudi Shixiang, Middle Jurassic sedimentary and reservoir pore development characteristics of Turpan Depression, petroleum and natural gas geology, September 1997; 1997,18 (3): 247-251.

7. Liulinyudishixiang, diagenesis of reservoir in Bazhou depression, Minhe Basin, petroleum and natural gas geology, March 1999; 20 (1): 58-61.

9. Liu Linyu, study on secondary pores of Mesozoic sandstone in Turpan Hami basin, petroleum experimental geology, September 1996; 1996,18 (3): 317-324.

10. Liu Linyu, study on diagenesis of Middle Upper Jurassic reservoir in Turpan Depression, petroleum experimental geology, June 1997; 1997,19 (2): 173-178.

11. Liu Linyu, experimental teaching reform of sedimentary petrology, higher science education, 2004, issue 3, 104-106.

13. Liu Linyu, analysis of the characteristics of water production from carbonate gas reservoirs, petroleum and natural gas geology, Vol. 25, No. 3, June 2004, 324-327.

15. Liu Linyu, application of real sandstone micro model in the study of micro heterogeneity of Chang8 sandstone in Jingchuan area, Ordos Basin, geoscience front, January 2008, 15 (1): 80-84.

1. "Comprehensive research on geology and petroleum system of petroliferous basin", won the second prize of natural science of the Ministry of education in 2002;

5. He participated in the "study on the sedimentary system of Turpan Hami basin" and won the third prize of scientific and technological progress of the former education commission of Shaanxi Province in 1998;

6. "Study on secondary porosity of Mesozoic sandstone in Turpan Hami basin", awarded the 5th excellent paper award of Natural Science in Shaanxi Province in 1997;

8、 Textbook publishing

1. Crystal optics and petrology, the national 11th Five Year Plan textbook, was published by the Geological Publishing House in February 2012 and issued nationwide;

2. The textbook "practical course of crystal optics and petrology" was published by higher education press on April 2010 and issued nationwide;

3. Experimental course of crystal optics and sedimentary petrology, edited and published by Geological Publishing House in August 2013, and issued nationwide;

4. Sedimentology principle, a postgraduate textbook, was published by Geological Publishing House on January 2016 and issued nationwide;

5. The experimental course of crystal optics and petrology, edited and edited, was published by Science Press in February 2019 and issued nationwide.

1. Crystal optics and petrology won the first prize of excellent textbook in Shaanxi Province in 2015;

3. "Pay attention to the foundation, strengthen the practice, create mineral rock course group with international vision, 434 teaching system" won the second prize of national teaching achievement in 2018.


Liu Linyu

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