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1、 Basic information

2、 Brief introduction of scientific research direction and achievements

1. Sedimentology and diagenetic evolution of low porosity and low permeability and tight reservoirs

Since 2000, the first authors of the above research results have been published in famous journals at home and abroad, such as Journal of Petroleum Geology, Sciences in China, Acta Geologica Sinica, Journal of China University of Geosciences, and Mineralagical Magazine, Chinese science, Journal of sedimentation, petroleum and natural gas geology, Journal of petroleum, Journal of geology, geoscience, geological bulletin, Journal of university geology, Journal of Lanzhou University and Journal of Northwest University have published nearly 50 papers.

The igneous reservoirs in Huanghua depression, Songliao Basin, Tarim Basin and Junggar basin have been systematically studied in terms of petrology, petrography, petrochemistry, mechanism of volcanic activity and formation of igneous rocks, characteristics of volcanic reservoirs, controlling factors of high-quality volcanic reservoirs, diagenesis and its influence on reservoir physical properties. Zircon LA-ICPMS microarea U-Pb dating of igneous rocks in the weathering area of Huanghua depression, Miocene igneous rocks in Qikou depression and Tahe Area of Tarim Basin has been carried out. Important achievements have been made in the study of igneous rock formation age, lithology and rock type of volcanic rocks, geochemical characteristics of volcanic rocks, causes of volcanic rocks and tectonic background.

The above research results have been published in the famous foreign journals AAPG bulletin, Journal of petroleum geology, geochimica et cosmochimica with more than 30 papers Acta and other influential journals in China, such as journal of rock, geoscience front, Journal of petroleum, geological science, petroleum and natural gas geology, petroleum experimental geology, China geology, Journal of Northwest University, Journal of Peking University, Journal of Jilin University, Journal of Northwest University, etc.

1. National vertical projects

2016-2019: NSFC general program "response of 23.8ma ± structural event to diagenesis and evolution of deep-water sandstone reservoir in northern South China Sea and its impact on reservoir performance" (approval No.: 41572128)

2009-2011: general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China "zircon U-Pb dating, HF, O isotope tracer source research of sandstone type uranium ore clastic in Dongsheng area, Ordos Basin" (approval No.: 40872083)

2008-2010: the second level sub project of national science and technology major project "diagenesis and favorable reservoir distribution prediction of volcanic reservoir in North Xinjiang and south Songliao Basin" (No.: 2008zx05001-003-004)

2008-2010: second level sub project of national science and technology major project "diagenesis process and reservoir physical property evolution of ultra-low permeability reservoir" (No.: 2008zx05008-004-076)

2002-2005: the second level sub project "Cenozoic volcanic rocks in the North China Basin" (approval No.: 40133020) of "the formation and evolution of the Meso Cenozoic lower crust in the North China Craton and its adjacent areas", a key project of NSFC

2016.5-2016.11: Carboniferous volcanic rock identification and reservoir characteristics research in Xiquan area (project leader, Zhundong oil production plant, Xinjiang Oilfield Branch)

2014-2015: comprehensive study on diagenesis of sandstone reservoir in deep water area of Baiyun Depression (CNOOC Shenzhen Branch project)

May 2015, 2014: sedimentological characteristics and diagenetic evolution process of continental shale in Yanchang exploration area "(project of Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

2012-2013: comprehensive evaluation of upper paleo reservoir and optimization of horizontal well development objectives in the south area of Sulige gas field (Changqing Oilfield project)

2012-2013: comprehensive evaluation of tight sandstone seepage capacity and reservoir of Shihezi Formation in the east of Ordos Basin (Changqing Oilfield project)

2009-2010: reservoir characteristics and gas production capacity analysis of He8 member in the east of the basin (Changqing Oilfield project)

2009: detailed description of chang10 reservoir in gao52 area of Ansai Oilfield (Changqing Oilfield project)

2008-2009: Study on pore structure and seepage characteristics of Chang 8 in Majiashan Baoziwan area (Changqing Oilfield project)

2008: description of Chang2 fine reservoir in block 152 of Ansai Oilfield (Changqing Oilfield project)

4、 Papers published in recent years as the first author and corresponding author

1. Papers related to volcanic reservoirs

Luo Jinglan, Shao Hongmei, Yang Yanfang, et al. Spatiotemporal evolution of buried hydrocarbon filling diagenesis of deep volcanic reservoirs in Songliao basin. Geoscience front, 2013, 20 (5): 175-187

Jiang Yiqin, Luo Jinglan, Wang Naijun, et al. Characteristics of Cenozoic volcanic reservoir and controlling factors of reservoir development in Qikou depression. Journal of Peking University, 2012,48 (6): 902-912

Wang Najun, Luo Jinglan, Liu Huaqing, et al. Diagenesis and control of reservoir performance of Shahejie Formation in Qikou depression. Acta Geosciences, 2012,33 (3): 360-370

Luo Jinglan, Hou Lianhua, Jiang Yiqin, et al. Origin, tectonic setting and lithofacies model of volcanic reservoir in Ludong area of Junggar basin. Acta petroleuca, 2012, 33 (3): 351-360

Dai Yaquan, Luo Jinglan, Lin Tong, et al. Volcanic reservoir characteristics and diagenetic evolution of Yingcheng Formation in Shengping gas field, northern Songliao basin. Geology of China, 2007, 34 (3): 528-535

Luo Jinglan, Lin Tong, Yang Zhisheng, et al. Lithofacies and reservoir performance of Yingcheng Formation in Shengping gas field, Songliao Basin and its controlling factors. Petroleum and natural gas geology, 2008, 29 (6): 748-757

Jinglan Luo, sadoon morad, Zhigang Liang and Renzi. Controls on the Archaeozoic jurasic metallic volatile reservoir quality from the Xinglongtai buried hill, Western expression of Liao He basin, China. AAPG Bulletin (US), 2005, 89 (10): 1319-1346

Luo Jinglan, Liang Zhigang, Lin Renzi. Hydrocarbon injection history and accumulation model of metamorphic volcanic reservoir in Xinglongtai buried hill, Liaohe basin. Petroleum experimental geology, 2004, 26 (3): 249-253

Luo Jinglan, Zhang Jian. Characteristics and oil source of Mesozoic volcanic rock reservoir in weiweidian. Petroleum and natural gas geology, 2002, 23 (4): 357-360

2. Research papers related to clastic reservoirs

Luo Jinglan, Luo Xiaorong, Bai Yubin, et al. The influence of differential diagenesis and evolution process on the densification sequence and pore evolution of the reservoir - Taking the 7 tight turbidite sandstone reservoir in the southwest of Ordos Basin as an example. Journal of Geoscience and environment, 2016, 38 (1): 79-92

Li Bi, Luo Jinglan, Luo Xiaorong. Quantitative analysis of burial diagenesis hydrocarbon filling evolution process and pore evolution of tight sandstone reservoir taking the natural gas reservoir of He8 member of Upper Paleozoic in the east of Ordos Basin as an example. Petroleum and natural gas geology, 2016,31

Li Bi, Luo Jinglan, Zhao Huitao, et al. The influence of diagenetic evolution of different lithologies on the reservoir performance of tight sandstone -- Taking the natural gas reservoir of He8 member of Upper Paleozoic in the east of Ordos Basin as an example. Journal of Northwest University, 2015, 45 (1): 97-106

Wang Meng, Luo Jinglan, Li Cai, et al. Source area and tectonic setting of sandstone type uranium deposits in Dongsheng area, Ordos Basin: evidence from U-Pb age and Hf isotope of detrital zircon. Acta petrologica Sinica, 2013, 29 (8): 2746-2758

Li Bi, Luo Jinglan, Liu Xinshe, et al. The influence of pore structure on the percolation characteristics of low permeability and ultra-low permeability sandstone reservoir - Taking the reservoir of He8 member of Upper Paleozoic in the east of Ordos Basin as an example. Geosciences, 2013,48 (4): 1148-1163

Bai Yubin, Luo Jinglan, Zhang Tianjie, et al. Source rock characteristics and evaluation of Yanchang Formation in Wubao area, Ordos Basin. Journal of Lanzhou University, 2012,48 (5): 22-28

Yang Yanfang, Luo Jinglan, Yang Jinlong, Liu Xiaohong. Analysis of seepage curve characteristics and influencing factors of Chang 8 sandstone reservoir in Jiyuan area. Journal of geology of University, 2011,17 (2): 231-239

Jinglan Luo. Impact of parent rocks and diagenetic evolution on sandstone reservoir quality with low to very low permeability. Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts (Mineralagical Magazine), 2011,75(3):A1367.

Jinglan Luo, Xinshan Wei and Xinshe Liu. Impact of provenance and diagenesis on sandstone reservoir quality of the Middle Permain in northwester Ordos Basin, China. Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts, (Journal of the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical Society) (Special Supplement) 2010: 33: 642.

Luo Jinglan, Wei Xinshan, Yao Jingli, et al. The control of provenance and sedimentation on the high quality gas reservoir in the upper Paleozoic of Ordos Basin. Geological bulletin, 2010, 29 (6): 33-42

Dou Weitan, Liu Xinshe, Luo Jinglan, et al. The relationship between the upper Triassic slope break zone, slope type and oil reservoir in Jiyuan area, Ordos Basin. Journal of sedimentation, 2010,28 (6): 1129-1134

Dai Yaquan, Zhao Junying, Luo Jinglan, et al. Study on reservoir heterogeneity of Chang 2 member in Pingqiao area of Ansai Oilfield. Journal of Northwest University, 2010, 40 (2): 287-292

Liu Xiaohong, Luo Jinglan, Liu xinju, et al. Analysis of physical property influencing factors of Chang 8 and Chang 6 reservoirs in Xifeng Oilfield. Journal of Northwest University, 2009, 39 (1): 102-108

Dai Yaquan, Luo Jinglan, Wang Meng, et al. Geochemical characteristics and provenance analysis of metapelitic siltstone in Danfeng ophiolite melange belt, East Qinling. Geological bulletin, 2009, 28 (10): 1465-1471

Luo Jinglan, Li Zhongxing, Shi Chengen, et al. Depositional system and paleocurrent direction and provenance direction of Yanchang 8 and Chang 6 members in the peripheral Ordos Basin and Xifeng Heshui Area. Geological bulletin, 2008, 27 (1): 19-29

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Luo Jinglan, Fu Jinhua, Wei Xinshan, et al. Analysis of depositional system and paleocurrent on Chang 6 and Chang 8 of the Yanchang Formation in the southwestern Ordos basin. Journal of China University of Geosciences (Special Issue), 2007, 18: 323-326.

Lin Tong, Luo Jinglan, Liu Xiaohong, Zhang San. Inclusion characteristics and uranium mineralization of Zhiluo sandstone type uranium deposit in Dongsheng area. Acta petroleuca Sinica, 2007, 28 (5): 72-78

Zhao Junying, Luo Jinglan, Lei Xiaolan, et al. Source analysis of Chang 6 in yangjiazee exploration area, Zichang oilfield, Ordos Basin. Chinese geology, 2007, 34 (3): 422-429

Luo Jinglan, Liu Xiaohong, Lin Tong, et al. Effect of diagenesis and oil-gas emplacement on physical properties of sandstone reservoirs in Yanchang formation, Ordos Basin. Acta geologica Sinica, 2006, 80 (5): 664-673

Liu Xiaohong, Luo Jinglan, Zhang San, Lin Tong. Study on diagenesis and diagenetic facies of Upper Paleozoic He 8 and Shan 2 gas reservoirs in Yulin Shenmu area. Petroleum and natural gas geology, 2006, 27 (2): 200-208

Luo Jinglan, Zhang Fuxin, Jia Heng, et al. Study on petrology and diagenesis of uranium bearing sandstone and Discussion on related issues -- taking Dongsheng area in Ordos Basin and Shihongtan area in Tuha basin as examples. Acta petroleuca Sinica, 2005, 26 (4): 39-45, 49


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