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Zhang Jian'an, Title: Professor (doctoral supervisor), degree: doctoral candidate

Undergraduate Course

1. Environmental geochemistry

2. Application of computer office software

Postgraduate courses

3. Geology and geodynamics of Granitoids in orogenic belt

1. Academic papers



My ranking

1.Geochemistry of early Paleozoic alkali dyke swarms in South Qinling and its geological significance

two thousand and three

Science in China (D), 46(12), 1292-1306

1st SCI search


two thousand and four

Science in China (D), 47(4): 329-337

two thousand and four

Journal of Geosciences of China

two thousand and three

Chinese Science (d), 33 (12): 1154-1162

6. Geochemistry of the early Paleozoic alkaline dikes in the South Qinling Mountains and its significance

two thousand and two

Chinese Science (d) 32 (10): 819-829

2. Scientific research projects

Teaching and research projects undertaken:

Teaching: new century teaching reform project of Academic Affairs Office of Northwest University: development of digital mapping technology in Department of Geology

Scientific research:

1. Comparison of major geological events and supercontinent events in the middle and Neoproterozoic of China (key program of NSFC: 40032010-c, 2001-2004) 2. Key teacher program of the Ministry of education, 2001-20023. Senior visiting scholar program of Western Universities of the Ministry of education, 2002-2003 (National Key Laboratory of metallogenic mechanism of endogenetic metal deposits, Nanjing University)

3. Geological and geochemical study of Paleozoic basic dike group in South Qinling and its tectonic significance (general program of NSFC: 403720392004-2006)

4. The research of Paleozoic isotopic tracing in the South Qinling Mountains (subject of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of land and resources of the earth system, China University of Geosciences, 2004-2005) and above are all project leaders


Zhang Jianqi

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Honors:Supported by Foundation for University Key Teacher by the Ministry of Education
Direction:It is mainly engaged in the study of igneous rocks and geochemistry in continental orogenic belt, specifically studying the tectonic environment of the formation of basic rocks and granites in continental orogenic belt, and revealing the deep dynamic process of their formation.
Tel: 88307599

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