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Education experience:

In 2011, he graduated from the University of science and technology of China and obtained a doctor's degree. He majored in geochemistry and tutored Professor Zheng Yongfei;

In 2011, he entered the geological Postdoctoral Station of the Department of geology of Northwest University, where he worked as a co tutor, researcher Zhang Hongfu, and in 2013, he stayed as a teacher;

Research direction:

At present, the study of petrochemistry is mainly focused on magmatic rocks of orogenic belt and Precambrian Geology of craton;

During his doctorate, he mainly engaged in the geochemical study of Mesozoic Magmatic Rocks in Sulu orogenic belt;

During the postdoctoral period, he mainly engaged in Precambrian geology research in the southern margin of North China Craton;

At present, we focus on the study of granites in the Qinling orogenic belt, and continue to study the Precambrian Geology of the southern margin of North China during the postdoctoral period.

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Zhang Juan

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