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Zhang Xiaoqi, lecturer. Graduated from Northwest University in 2004 with a bachelor's degree. In 2013, he received his doctorate from the Institute of geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is mainly engaged in the study of mafic ultramafic magmatic evolution and diagenesis and mineralization, including layered mafic ultramafic intrusions and related Fe-Ti-V mineralization, platinum group element geochemistry of mantle derived magma and Re-Os isotope tracing. At present, 3 first author papers have been published in domestic and foreign academic journals, including 2 international SCI papers.

Study and work experience:

2008.9-2013.7 Institute of geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, majoring in mineralogy, petrology and mineral deposit, Ph.D

2004.9-2008.7 Northwestern University, geological base class, Bachelor

1. Academic papers

2. Zhang, X.Q.,Song, X.Y. *,Chen, L.M.,Xie,W.,Yu, S.Y.,Zheng, W.Q.,Deng, Y.F.,Zhang, J.F.,Gui,S.G.,Fractional crystallization and the formation of thick Fe–Ti–V oxide layers in the Baima layered intrusion, SW China,Ore Geology Reviews,2012,49(9):96-108.

3. Zhang Xiaoqi, Zhang Jiafei, song Xieyan *, Deng Yufeng, Guan Jianxiang, Zheng Wenqin, the indicative significance of plagioclase and olivine composition to the genesis of Panzhihua vanadium titanium magnetite deposit, Acta petrologica Sinica, 2011, 27 (12): 3675-3688

4. Chen L.M.,Song X.Y.,Zhu X.K.,Zhang X.Q.,Yu S.Y.,Yi J.N.,Iron isotope fractionation during crystallization and sub-solidus re-equilibration: Constraints from the Baima mafic layered intrusion, SW China,Chemical Geology,2014,380(4):97-109.

5. Luan Y.,Song X.Y.,Chen L.M.,Zheng W.Q.,Zhang X.Q.,Yu S.Y.,She Y.W.,Tian X.L.,Ran Q.Y.,Key factors controlling the accumulation of the Fe–Ti oxides in the Hongge layered intrusion in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China,Ore Geology Reviews,2013,57(8):518-538.


Zhang Xiaoqi

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Direction:The origin, evolution and mineralization of mantle derived magma;Mafic ultramafic intrusions and related deposits;Geochemistry of platinum group elements

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