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Teacher Name

Work experience:

1. 2018 - present, Professor (doctoral supervisor), Department of geology, Northwest University

2. 2013-2018, associate professor, Department of geology, Northwest University

3. 2016-2017, School of earth and environment, University of Western Australia, visiting scholar

4. 2012-2013, visiting scholar, Department of Geosciences, Hong Kong University

5. 2010-2013, lecturer, Department of geology, Northwest University

Academic journal services:

Editorial board of Precambrian research

Courses taught:

Isotope geology / isotope geochemistry (main course);

Progress in Geosciences (participation), field geological practice in Qinhuangdao (participation), modern instrument analysis (participation)

Host project:

1. 2020-2023: general program of NSFC (41972200)

2. 2017-2020: general program of NSFC (41672188)

3. 2013-2016: general program of NSFC (41272004)

4. 2013-2014: independent research project of the Ministry of science and technology of the State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics

5. 2012-2015: Northwest University outstanding young academic backbone support plan

6. 2011-2015: China Geological Survey Project (work project code: 1212011121137)

7. 2010-2011: independent research project of the Ministry of science and technology of the State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics

8. 2009-2012: National Natural Science Youth Fund Project (40902056)

9. 2008-2009: independent research project of the Ministry of science and technology of the State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics

10. 2007-2008: Northwest University Graduate Innovation Education Project (07yzz28)

Participating projects:

1. 2019-2023: major projects of NSFC (41890831) hosted by Professor Zhao Guochun

2. 2015-2020: innovation research group of NSFC (41421002) chaired by Professor Dong Yunpeng

3. 2012-2016: 973 project of the Ministry of science and Technology (2012cb416606) hosted by academician Zhai Mingguo

4. 2010-2015: major projects of NSFC (41090374) hosted by researcher sun Weidong

5. 2008-2013: 973 subprojects (2009cb825000) chaired by Professor Liu Liang


1. In January 2013, he was rated as the "most contributing author" of Science Bulletin in 2012 by the Editorial Committee of science of China

2. In 2012, it was selected into the "support plan for outstanding young academic backbones of Northwest University"

3. In 2012, the doctoral dissertation was awarded as "Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Shaanxi Province"

Representative works:


Gan Baoping, Wu Chunrong, Wang Bolong, Wang Tingyi. 2019. Chronological and geochemical characteristics of Paleoproterozoic granites in Helanshan: the system of the formation and evolution of the khondalite belt in the western part of the North China Craton. Acta petrologica, 35 (8): 2325-2343 (corresponding author)

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Fifth spring glory

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office,State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics
Direction:Precambrian Geology; isotope geology.[areas of interest include:1) The formation and evolution of the continental crust of the North China Craton;2) Precambrian Geology of Tarim craton (Dunhuang block) and its adjacent area;3) The formation and evolution of Qinling orogenic belt;4) U-rich mineral dating, its isotopic composition and geological application. ]

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