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1、 Personal profile

In 1996, he graduated from the Department of geology, Northwest University, majoring in petroleum and natural gas geology, and in 2007, he received a doctor's degree in Quaternary Geology from Northwest University. From 1996 to 2002, he was engaged in the geological exploration and development of oil and gas in the Research Institute of Turpan Hami oilfield of CNPC, and worked in the Department of geology of Northwest University since July 2007. During his work, he went to the Department of Geosciences, the University of Hong Kong. Mainly engaged in Quaternary loess paleosol research, dust sediment paleoclimate evolution, dynamics mechanism of source change, rock and mineral microstructure research, oil and gas exploration and development research. He has successively presided over the National Natural Science Foundation, the "973" subproject of the Ministry of science and technology, the major project subproject of the National Natural Science Foundation Committee, the natural science foundation of Shaanxi Province and the postdoctoral fund, and more than 40 horizontal subjects of oil fields and geological and mineral units. He published more than 80 SCI retrieval articles and obtained one practical invention patent.

2、 Major academic papers


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Departments:Paleontology Teaching and Research Office,State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics
Direction:Quaternary loess paleosol study; Study on the dynamics mechanism of paleoclimate evolution and provenance change of dust deposits; Study on the microstructure of rocks and minerals; Study on oil and gas geological exploration and development.

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