Department of geology northwest university

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Professor, doctoral director, winner of National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars.

The acquisition of high-precision analytical data is an important prerequisite for high-quality geochemical research. In situ microanalysis is one of the main directions of the development of Geochemistry and chemical geodynamics. Laser ablation technology is an important support technology for in-situ microelement abundance and isotopic composition analysis. I am mainly engaged in the development of this technology and its application in Geoscience, and I have made important innovations in the research and application of in-situ analysis technology based on laser denudation micro area, such as accurate analysis of trace element content in whole rocks and minerals, zircon U-Pb dating / trace element / Lu Hf isotope, sulfide s, Pb isotope composition, etc.

Presided over the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, youth fund and general program (3 programs) and national major scientific research instrument development program of NSFC, the 11th youth teacher fund program of Huo Yingdong education foundation, and the new century talent support program of Ministry of education; participated in the major scientific research program of Ministry of education and national key natural science fund , national key basic research and development plan (973 Plan), National Natural Science Foundation of China "science fund for innovative research groups", Ministry of education "Yangtze River scholars and innovation team development plan" (2 projects) and subject innovation and intelligence introduction plan (111 plan) of colleges and universities. He won sun Xianhe award, new century excellent talents support program of Ministry of education, Hou Defeng Young Scientist Award of mineral and rock geochemistry, World Laboratory Wilhelm Simon fellowships, science and technology new star of Shaanxi Province and other awards. 111 SCI papers were published in core journals at home and abroad. H-index is 43. SCI papers were cited 7651 times in total, of which he cited 6265 times (as of March 1, 2019); 7 papers were selected into ISI high citation papers, and obtained 8 national invention patents and 1 US patent.


Enrollment: Master's degree, doctoral degree and postdoctoral degree in geochemistry; master's degree in analytical chemistry. We also welcome postdoctoral cooperation in analytical chemistry, geochemistry, laser physics and automation control.

Published papers:


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Yuan Honglin

Departments:Labs,Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office,State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics
Honors:Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of MOE,Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China
Direction:Keywords geochemistry; isotope geochemistry; analytical geochemistry; analytical chemistry. It is mainly engaged in the development of new technologies and methods related to laser ablation microanalysis and its application in Geoscience.

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