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1、 Personal profile

Jia Lianqi, born in Yingkou, Liaoning Province in 1985

June 2017 to now: Lecturer, Department of geology, Northwest University

2015.01-2017.06: postdoctoral, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011.09-2014.12: Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, mineralogy, petrology, mineralogy (petroleum geology direction), doctor of Science

2008.09-2011.07: China University of Petroleum (Beijing), mineral survey and exploration (reservoir formation and distribution), master of Engineering

September 2004 to July 2008: Jilin University, resource exploration engineering (oil and gas direction), Bachelor of Engineering

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers

Mainly engaged in oil and gas reservoir geological research, including late diagenesis such as thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) in carbonate rocks, the source, evolution and flow of paleofluids, and the transformation of effective reservoirs.

Lianqi Jia, Chunfang Cai, Zhenliang Wang, Hongxia Li, Lei Jiang, Lijing Liu, Qingyong Luo.Calcite Vein system and its import in tracing palaeo water flow and hydrocarbon migration in the Ordovician carbon of the Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, China. AAPG Bulletin

Jia Lianqi,Cai Chunfang, Jiang Lei, Zhang Ke, Li Hongxia, Zhang Wen (2016) Petrological and geochemical constraints on diagenesis and deep burial dissolution of the Ordovician carbonate reservoirs in the Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, NW China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 78, 271-290. (SCI)

Jia Lianqi,Cai Chunfang, Yang Haijun, Li Hongxia, Wang Tiekai, Zhang Baoshou, Jiang Lei, Tao Xiaowan (2015) Thermochemical and bacterial sulfate reduction in the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician carbonates in the Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin, NW China: Evidence from fluid inclusions, C, S and Sr isotopic data. Geofluids, 15, 421-437. (SCI)

Jia Lianqi, Cai Chunfang, Li Hongxia, Wang Tiankai, Zhang Wen, Kong Lingwu. (2016). Reconstruction of deeply buried dolomite reservoir by thermochemical sulfate reduction in Tazhong area. Journal of sedimentation, 34 (6), 1057-1067

Cai Chunfang,Amrani, A., Worden, R.H., Xiao, Q.L., Wang Tiankai, Gvirtzman, Z., Li Hongxia, Said-Ahmad, W.,Jia Lianqi(2016) Sulfur isotopic compositions of individual organosulfur compounds and their genetic links in the Lower Paleozoic petroleum pools of the Tarim Basin, NW China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 182: 88–108. (SCI)

Jiang Lei, Cai Chunfang, Worden R.H., Crowley S.F.,Jia Lianqi,Zhang Ke, Duncan I.J (2016) Multiphase dolomitization of deeply buried Cambrian petroleum reservoirs, Tarim Basin, north-west China. Sedimentology, 63(7), 2130-2157. (SCI)

Xiang Lei, Cai Chunfang, He Xunyun, Jiang Lei, Yuan Yuyang, Wang Tiankai,Jia Lianqi, Yu lei (2016). The ocean redox state evolution and its controls during the cambrian series 1-2: evidence from lijiatuo section, south china.Journal of Earth Science, 27(2), 255-270. (SCI)

Jiang Lei, Pan Wenqing, Cai Chunfang,Jia Lianqi, Pan Liyin, Wang Tiankai, Li Hongxia, Chen Shuanglin, Chen Yan (2015) Fluid mixing induced by hydrothermal activity in the Ordovician carbonates in Tarim Basin, China. Geofluids. 15, 483-498.(SCI)

Cai Chunfang, Hu, G.Y., Li Hongxia, Jiang Lei, He, W.X., Zhang, B.S.,Jia Lianqi, Wang Tiankai (2015) Origins and fates of H2S in the Cambrian and Ordovician in Tazhong area: evidence from sulfur isotopes, fluid inclusions and production data. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 67, 408-418. (SCI)

Li KaiKai, Cai Chunfang,Jia Lianqi, Gao, Y., Jiang Zaixing, Wang TianKai, Jiang Lei (2015)The role of thermochemical sulfate reduction in the genesis of high-quality deep marine reservoirs within the central Tarim Basin, western China. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 8(7), 4443-4456.(SCI)

Cai Chunfang, He Wenxian, Jiang Lei, Li Kaikai, Xiang Lei,Jia Lianqi. (2014) Petrological and geochemical constraints on porosity difference between Lower Triassic sour and sweet-gas carbonate reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 56, 34-50. (SCI)

Li KaiKai, Cai ChunFang, Hou Dujie, He XunYun, Jiang Lei,Jia Lianqi, Cai, LiuLu.(2014) Origin of high H2S concentrations in the Upper Permian Changxing reservoirs of the Northeast Sichuan Basin, China. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 57, 233-243. (SCI)

Wang Zhaoming, Cai Chunfang, Li HongXia, Yang Haijun, Wang Tikai, Zhang Ke,Jia Lianqi, Chen Kun. (2014) Origin of late charged gas and its effect on property of oils in the Ordovician in Tazhong area. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 122, 83-93. (SCI)

Yuan Yuyang, Cai Chunfang, Wang TianKai, Xiang Lei,Jia Lianqi, Chen Yan. (2014) Deep-water basin redox conditions during Ediacaran-Cambrian transition period in the Lower Yangtze, South China: Case study of iron speciation and δ13Corgin Diben Section, Zhejiang province. Chinese Science Bulletin, 59(28), 3638-3649.(SCI)

Li KaiKai, Cai ChunFang, Jiang Lei, Cai LiuLu,Jia Lianqi, Zhang Bing, Xiang Lei, Yuan YuYang. (2012) Sr evolution in the upper Permian and Lower Triassic carbonates, Northeast Sichuan Basin, China: constraints from chemistry, isotope and fluid inclusions. Applied Geochemistry, 27, 2409-2424. (SCI)

Gao Xianzhi, Wu Weitao, Lu Xuejun, Cui Zhouqi, Kong Lingwu, Jia Lianqi, Wang Haichao. (2011). The diversity and the controlling factors of hydrocarbon accumulation in the buried hill of Jizhong depression. Journal of China University of petroleum: Natural Science Edition, 35 (3), 31-35. (EI search)

Wu Weitao, Gao Xianzhi, Lu Xuejun, Cui Zhouqi, Kong Lingwu, Jia Lianqi, Wang Haichao. (2011). Oil and gas transportation system in buried hill of Jizhong depression and its matching relationship with oil and gas reservoir types. Journal of Geoscience and environment, 33 (1), 78-83. (Chinese core)

Kong Lingwu, Gao Xianzhi, Wu Weitao, Jia Lianqi, Liu Kun. (2011). Formation characteristics of inner oil and gas reservoir in Wenan slope buried hill of Baxian depression. Fault block oil and gas field, 18 (3), 321-325. (Chinese core)

2. Scientific research projects

He has presided over and undertaken one general project and one youth project of national natural fund, and the second person in charge has undertaken one general project and one youth project of national natural fund. As a major researcher, he has participated in four major national science and technology projects, 973 projects, key joint fund of natural fund and Sinopec and oilfield projects.

General program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (41972143), research on the relationship between fluid activity, diagenesis and carbonate reservoir reconstruction during the burial period of Ordovician in Central Tarim area (2020.01-2023.12), presided over by

Youth program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (41502148), research on sulfur isotope fractionation in the TSR process in Tazhong area, Tarim Basin (2016.01-2018.12), presided over

General program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, time and space changes of diagenesis, pore and paleofluid geochemistry of Longwangmiao formation reservoir in Central Sichuan, 2017.01-2020.12, the second principal

Youth program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, comparative study on the paleoecology of calcareous microorganisms in the late Ordovician reefs of Tarim Basin (2016.01-2018.12), the second principal

Fluid rock interaction process and geochemical model of deep carbonate reservoir in Tarim Basin, 2011.01-2015.12

Formation and distribution of hydrogen sulfide in Ordovician in Tazhong area, Tarim branch of PetroChina, October 2012 June 2014, participated in

Key project of NSFC and Sinopec joint fund: the role of Permian Triassic TSR in reservoir transformation and new method of gas source correlation in East Sichuan, 2009.01-2012.12, participated in

973 project sub project: microbial action of organic rich source rocks during Ediacaran Cambrian transition period, 2011.01-2015.12, participated in

3. Academic monograph

4. Academic conferences and exchanges

5. Scientific Research Award



Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office,State Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics
Direction:Oil and gas reservoir geology

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