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Zhao Guochun,

Professor, University of Hong Kong, Northwestern University. Born in Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province in August 1961. In 1985 and 1988, he obtained his bachelor's degree and master's degree respectively in the former Changchun Institute of Geology (now incorporated into Jilin University), and in 2000, he obtained his doctor's degree in keting University, Australia.

He is mainly engaged in Precambrian Geology and supercontinent research, and is the first to propose that the global continents merge to form a supercontinent in the period of 2-1.8 billion years,

The reconstruction model of the supercontinent is established, and two Himalayan type continent continent collision belts with an age of 1.85-1.95 billion years are found in North China,

It is suggested that the basement of North China is composed of several micro blocks in Early Proterozoic, and that the tectonic evolution and paleogeographic location of the East Asia block group from Rodinia supercontinent to Pangea supercontinent are reconstructed. He has published more than 300 papers and cited more than 30000 times in SCI. He has won the second prize of the National Natural Science Award, the overseas outstanding youth fund of the national natural fund, the global highly cited scientist of Thomson Reuters 2014-2019, the first prize of the khwarizmi International Award (2016), the Twas Earth Science Award of the World Academy of Sciences in developing countries, etc.


Zhao Guochun

Departments:General Geology Teaching and Research Office
Honors:Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Direction:Cambrian geology and supercontinent study

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