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1、 Personal profile

1. Education experience:

September 2013 to September 2017: Professor Haakon fossen, Ph.D. in structural geology, University of Bergen, Norway;

September 2009 - June 2012: Master's degree in mineral survey and exploration of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), tutor: Professor Bai Guoping;

September 2005 June 2009: Jilin University, majored in resource exploration engineering, obtained Bachelor of engineering degree.

2. Work experience:

September 2018 - present: Lecturer, doctoral supervisor, Department of geology, Northwest University;

March 2018 August 2018: Zhenhua petroleum, engineer, Chengdu North petroleum exploration and Development Technology Co., Ltd;

July 2012 - August 2013: Assistant Engineer, Sinopec petroleum exploration and Development Research Institute.

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers


Chao; Gawthorpe Robert L; Fossen Haakon; Finch Emma, How Does the Orientation

of a Preexisting Basement Weakness Influence Fault Development During Renewed

Rifting? Insights From Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling, Tectonics,

2018.07, 37(7): 2221~2242.

(2)Deng Chao; Gawthorpe Robert L; Finch Emma; Fossen

Haakon, Influence of a pre-existing basement weakness on normal fault growth

during oblique extension: Insights from discrete element modeling , Journal of

Structural Geology, 2017.12, 105: 44~61.

(3)Deng Chao; Fossen Haakon; Gawthorpe Robert L; Rotevatn

Atle; Jackson Christopher A L; FazliKhani Hamed, Influence of fault

reactivation during multiphase rifting: The Oseberg area, northern North Sea

rift, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 2017.09, 86: 1252~1272.

(4) Tao Chongzhi; Deng Chao; Bai Guoping; Wang Dapeng; Niu Xinjie; Bai Jianpu; Zheng Yan, differences in oil and gas distribution and main control factors between Campos Basin and Santos basin in Brazil, Journal of Jilin University (Geoscience Edition), November 26, 2013,

(06): 1753~1761

(5) Deng Chao, Bai Guoping, Zhong mihong, et

Al. Petroliferous system division and evaluation of Santos basin in Brazil [J]. Marine petroleum geology,

2014, v.19;No.73(3):35-42.

(6) Bai Guoping, Deng Chao, Tao Chongzhi, et

Al. study on oil and gas distribution and main control factors of northwest shelf of Australia [J]. modern geology,


2. Scientific research projects

In July 2019, research on numerical simulation method of basin structural analysis - Taking Zhuyi depression in Pearl River Mouth Basin as an example, the natural science project of Shaanxi Provincial Department of education, with a project fund of 20000 yuan, is the first person in charge;

In June 2018, the simulation experiment of paleolake evolution and hydrocarbon rich depression optimization structure in Zhuyi depression, South China Sea, Shenzhen Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd., with the project fund of 600000 yuan, the second person in charge;

In August 2013, the second person in charge of the multi-stage rift basin process in the north of the North Sea, Statoil, with a project fund of 1.5 million yuan;

In August 2010, the Research Institute of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd. on the geological characteristics of oil and gas in Campos Basin and Santos basin in Brazil, with a project fund of 500000 yuan, was the second person in charge;

3. Academic monograph

4. Academic conferences and exchanges

(1) Deng Chao, Gawthorpe Robert, Fossen Haakon, Finch Emma

(2017): Influence of Pre-existing Weakness on Normal Fault Growth during an

Oblique Extension: a Case Study by Discrete Element Modelling. Student Poster

session for the AAPG ACE 2017, Houston, Texas. Win 3rd best student poster ($1000).

(2) Deng Chao, Fossen Haakon, Gawthorpe Robert et al.

(2015): Normal Fault Growth and Structural Evolution during Multiphase Rirting:

Oseberg Fault Block, nothern North Sea. Poster for the GSA Annual Meeting 2015,

Baltimore, Maryland.

(3) Deng Chao, Fossen Haakon, Fazli Khani Hamed, Gawthorpe

Robert L., Whipp Paul S., Rotevatn Atle. (2015): Normal fault growth and

structural evolution during multiphase rifting: the Oseberg fault block,

Northern North Sea. Poster Presentation for the NGF Winter Conference 2015.

5. Scientific Research Award


Deng Chao

Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Petroliferous basin analysis, structural analysis, reservoir seismic inversion, structural physics, numerical simulation, resource evaluation, etc

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