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Basic information

Jia Pengfei, male, born in 1981 in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, member of Jiusan Society, doctor of engineering, associate professor, doctoral supervisor. In 2003, he graduated from Taiyuan University of technology with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering; in 2007, he received a master's degree in road and railway engineering from Chang'an University; in 2012, he received a doctor's degree in geotechnical engineering from Wuhan Institute of geotechnical mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; from 2012 to present, he taught in the Department of geology of Northwest University; from April 2015 to April 2016, he visited and exchanged with the Department of civil and environmental engineering of Northwest University.

Teaching situation

Undergraduate courses: engineering mechanics, elastic mechanics

Postgraduate course: elastoplastic mechanics

Research interests

Dynamics of rock and soil mass. Study the dynamic properties and response of rock and soil under dynamic load, including the type and characteristics of dynamic load, dynamic strength, dynamic deformation and dynamic pore water pressure of rock and soil, dynamic constitutive model of rock and soil, dynamic response analysis and dynamic stability analysis of rock and soil, and recognize the ground caused by earthquake, blasting, dynamic compaction, traffic vehicles and other industrial vibration sources Characteristics and response of surface vibration and its effect on engineering. Welcome students majoring in geotechnical engineering, geological engineering, engineering mechanics, solid mechanics, etc. to apply for postgraduate examination.

research project

[1] Study on Mechanism of artificial vibration promoting seepage and sliding of loess landslide (Project No.: 41630639), key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2017.01-2021.12. Main participants of the project

[2] Ratchet strain accumulation behavior and description method of sand under long-term cyclic load (Project No.: 41302219), youth fund project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014.1-2016.12. Project leader

[3] Ratchet effect and description method of sand dynamic behavior, independent research project fund of State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, June 2013-june 2015, project leader

[4] Performance state and dynamic stability analysis of high-speed railway filling subgrade in rainy area (Project No.: 41372314), NSFC project, 2014.1-2017.12. main participants of the project

Research papers

[1] Jia Pengfei, Kong Lingwei, Yang Aiwu. Strain accumulation model of soil under low amplitude and high cyclic load [J]. Geotechnical mechanics, 2013, 34 (3): 737-742. (EI)

[2] Jia Pengfei, Kong Lingwei, Wang Yong, Yang Aiwu. Nonlinear characteristics and expression method of soil stiffness under low amplitude and small strain vibration [J]. Geotechnical mechanics, 2013, 34 (11): 3145-3150. (EI)

[3] Jia Pengfei. Cumulative plastic strain behavior of soil under low amplitude and high cyclic loading and its description method [D]. Wuhan: Wuhan Institute of geotechnical mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012

[4] JIA Peng-fei, KONG Ling-wei. Modeling of ratcheting accumulation of secondary deformation due to stress-controlled high-cyclic loading in granular soils [J]. Journal of Central South University, 2015, 22(6): 2306-2315. (SCI&EI)

[5] Jia Pengfei, Kong Lingwei. Elastoplastic cumulative model of soil plastic envelope under high cycle loading [J]. Journal of rock mechanics and engineering, 2015, 34 (12): 2542-2549. (EI)

[6] Peng-fei Jia, Ai-wu Yang. A Modified Davidenkov Model for Stiffness and Damping Characteristics of Saturated Clayey Soils Due to Low-amplitude Small-strain Vibrations[C]//Proc. 2nd ICSMMS. Australia: [s. n.], 2013. (EI)

[7] Wang Xingang, Hu bin, Wang Jiading, Jia Pengfei, Jiao Wei. Quantitative study on Hoek Brown strength criterion based on GSI [J]. Journal of rock mechanics and engineering, 2015, 34 (S2): 3805-3812. (EI)

[8] Wang Xingang, Hu bin, Tang Huiming, Hu Xinli, Jia Pengfei. Triaxial rheological experiment and rheological constitutive model of mudstone under osmotic pressure stress coupling [J]. Geosciences, 2016, 41 (05): 886-894. (EI)

[9] Li Chengsheng, Jia Pengfei. E-p curve model based on χ ~ 2 function [J]. Hydrogeology and engineering geology, 2016, 43 (04): 84-88

Academic honor

First prize of Shaanxi science and Technology Award

First prize of science and technology award of Shaanxi University


Jia Pengfei

Departments:Geological Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Title:Associate professor
Direction:Geotechnical engineering

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