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Work experience: graduated from the hydrogeology engineering geology major of Hebei Institute of geology in 1982; worked in the second hydrogeology team of Qinghai Province from 1982 to 1990, successively held the post of project director, team leader and technical director; worked in the Geological Engineering Exploration Institute of the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources from 1990 to 1997, successively held the post of team technical director, chief engineer office director and chief engineer; from 1997 to now, successively worked in Chang'an University and Northwest University are engaged in teaching and scientific research.

Teaching work: mainly teaching hydrogeology, water resources exploration and evaluation, water resources development and utilization, water environment quality evaluation, petroleum fluid mechanics, hydraulics and seepage theory, water resources system analysis, groundwater numerical simulation, groundwater stochastic simulation and other courses.

Scientific research: presided over and participated in more than 70 scientific research and production projects, including more than 30 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation, scientific and technological research projects of the state and Ministry of land and resources, national and provincial scientific research projects, geological survey projects of China Geological Survey, presided over the survey and evaluation of nearly 20 large and medium-sized water supply source areas and water resource demonstration, presided over and participated in groundwater There are more than 20 pollution investigation and assessment and groundwater environmental impact assessment projects, and more than 10 local water source projects have been presided over and participated in; 1 second prize of ministry level scientific and technological achievements, 1 third prize of scientific and technological achievements, 2 third prize of geological prospecting achievements; 2 monographs have been published, and more than 40 papers have been published.


Kang Weidong

Departments:Geological Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research in water resources and water environment.

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