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Teacher Name

1、 Personal profile

Luo Qibin, male, born in December 1982 in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of engineering, lecturer.

Education experience:

2009 / 09-2012 / 07, Department of geology, Northwest University, Ph.D;

2006 / 09-2009 / 07, Department of geology, Northwest University, master's degree;

2002 / 09-2006 / 07, Department of geology, Northwest University, bachelor degree;

Research experience: 2012 / 07-present, Department of geology, Northwest University;

Lecturer research direction: mainly engaged in water resources exploration and evaluation, groundwater environmental protection and other research work. It has some advantages in the investigation and evaluation of groundwater resources, the analysis and research of groundwater environment evolution and groundwater pollution, and numerical simulation.


1. Undergraduate course: investigation and evaluation of water resources, geotechnical drilling and excavation engineering and field geological practice of hydrogeology in junior year;

2. Postgraduate course: numerical simulation of groundwater flow.

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers

1. Luo Qibin, Wang Jiading, et al. Analysis of the change characteristics of soil pressure in the test pit of collapsible loess, hydrogeological engineering geology, No. 4, page 88-91, 2012

2. Luo Qibin, Wang Jiading, Kang Weidong, etc., analysis of soil pressure and water content change in the test pit of collapsible loess, water and soil conservation bulletin, page 200-202, 2013

3. Luo Qibin, Kang Weidong, etc., simulation analysis of lake evolution history in zhanggaotu water source area, Jingbian, JOURNAL OF NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY (NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION), No. 4, 623-626, 2013

4. Luo Qibin, Kang Weidong, et al., Quaternary aquifer dispersion test study of Hebin Park forest farm, guide County, Xining City, modern geology, phase 2, vol29245-2512015

2. Scientific research projects

In recent years, he mainly participated in and completed the natural science fund project of Shaanxi Provincial Education Department (2013jk0944), the National Key Laboratory of continental dynamics of Northwest University Fund Project (bj08133-13) and a number of production and scientific research projects.


Luo Qibin

Departments:Geological Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Mainly engaged in water resources exploration and evaluation and groundwater environmental protection.

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