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About Li Wei:

Born in October 1973, Professor of Northwest University. In 1996, he graduated from Chang'an University with a bachelor's degree in geology; in 2001-2004, he obtained a master's degree in the Department of geology of Northwest University; in 2004-2007, he obtained a doctor's degree in structural geology from the Chinese Academy of Geosciences. From August 2012 to August 2013, visiting scholar of Western University of Canada.

Mainly engaged in the study of orogenic belt structure and continental structure. Taking the Qinling, Qilian and Tianshan orogenic belts as research bases and the structural deformation analysis of orogenic belts as research basis, this paper explains and constrains the structural evolution of orogenic belts and studies the dynamics of structural deformation. He has successively been responsible for one youth fund and two general projects of NSFC.

In recent years, he has published papers as the first and corresponding author:

Li, W., Dong, Y., Guo, A., Liu, X., Liu, Y., Zha, X., Zhang, K., 2013. Sedimentary fill history of the Huicheng Basin in the West Qinling Mountains and associated constraints on Mesozoic intracontinental tectonic evolution. Science China Earth Sciences 56, 1639-1653.

Li, W., Dong, Y., Guo, A., Liu, X., Wang, Y., Liu, W., Yang, Y., 2015. Geochronology, geochemistry and Sr–Nd–Hf isotopes of mafic dikes in the Huicheng Basin: Constraints on intracontinental extension of the Qinling orogen. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 104, 115-126.

Li, W., Dong, Y., Guo, A., Liu, X., Zhou, D., 2013. Chronology and tectonic significance of Cenozoic faults in the Liupanshan Arcuate Tectonic Belt at the northeastern margin of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 73, 103-113.

Li, W., Liu, Y.Q., Dong, Y.P., Zhou, X.H., Liu, X.M., Li, H., Fan, T.T., Zhou, D.W., Xu, X.Y., Chen, J.L., 2012. The geochemical characteristics, geochronology and tectonic significance of the Carboniferous volcanic rocks of the Santanghu area in northeastern Xinjiang, China. SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences, 1-16.

Yu Shangjiang, Li Wei, Dong Yunpeng, Yang Yuanzhen, Liu wenhang, 2014. Progress in research methods of rock deformation. Progress in geophysics 29, 1068-1079

Liu wenhang, Li Wei, Dong Yunpeng, Qu Mengmeng, Yang Yuanzhen, 2015. A new method to simulate the movement and deformation of ellipsoid markers in ductile shear zone. Geological bulletin 34, 1897-1909

Li Wei, Chen Junlu, Dong Yunpeng, Xu Xueyi, Li Zhipei, Liu Xiaoming, he Dengfeng, 2016. Paleo Asian Ocean subduction record in Early Paleozoic: chronological and geochemical evidence from karatage high magnesium andesite, East Tianshan Mountains. Acta petrologica 32, 505-521

Ma Xiao, Li Wei, Yang Yuanzhen, et al. Temporal and spatial distribution of granites since Paleozoic in the eastern part of the northern Qinling Mountains and the southern margin of North China and its tectonic significance 2016. Geological science and technology information, 35, 9-16


Li Wei

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