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Lu Rukui, born in Fengyang County, Anhui Province on November 24, 1969, graduated from Xi'an Institute of geology in July 1991, and obtained a doctor's degree in structural geology from Northwest University in December 2008. He obtained the qualification of "geological and mineral engineer" and "senior geological and mineral engineer" respectively in April 1997 and January 2003. He has been engaged in the investigation and research of regional geology and mineral geology for a long time, presided over a number of 1 / 50000 and 1 / 250000 regional geology and mineral geology investigation projects, presided over a project of National Natural Science Foundation (general) and an independent research course of National Key Laboratory of continental dynamics of Northwest University, and participated in a number of national key fund projects and key basic research projects of Sinopec. The study area involves Qinling Dabie Mountain orogenic belt, Tanlu fault belt, Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Altun fault belt, South China continent and Helan Sichuan Yunnan North South structural belt, etc. it has a certain practical accumulation and research ability in regional structure, geostructure, outcrop scale structure and microstructure observation and research, and has achieved good research results.



Departments:General Geology Teaching and Research Office
Title:Associate professor
Direction:It mainly studies regional structure and geostructure, outcrop scale structure and microstructure observation.

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