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Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province, Professor, engaged in teaching and related scientific research of structural geology in the Department of geology, Northwest University.

In 1985, he was admitted to the Department of geology of Northwest University. In 1992, he received a master's degree in structural geology from the Department of geology of Northwest University. In 1999, he received a doctorate in science from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Since 1992, he has been working in the Department of geology of Northwest University. He has successively taught undergraduate courses such as "Introduction to geoscience", "Surveying", "regional Geotectonics of China", "structural geology", etc. He has undertaken field teaching tasks in Hanzhong, Chaohu and Qinhuangdao for many times, and participated in the compilation of "regional Geotectonics of China and its neighboring areas" and "regional geology of Fenghuang Mountain in the north of Chaohu" Quality survey practice guide, published 2 teaching and scientific research papers. At present, he teaches the courses of "structural geology" and "basic and frontier of structural geology" for undergraduates and postgraduates, and is the director of the national excellent resource sharing course of structural geology of Northwest University. Guide more than ten master's and doctoral students.

The research direction of scientific research work is geological structure analysis, regional structure analysis and basin structure analysis. The main areas of scientific research work are southwest Tianshan and southwest depression of Tarim Basin. Some structural ore control research work has been done in Sichuan Yunnan Guizhou lead zinc metallogenic area. The current research work is mainly in West Qinling, South Qinling and southwest margin of North China block. The research content involves orogeny Belt geology, basin structure and Precambrian geology. In the postgraduate study stage, he successively participated in the National Natural Science Foundation Project "the formation and evolution of the Central Tianshan Mountains" and the "structural characteristics of the southeast margin of the Tarim plate" project of the eighth five year plan of Tarim Petroleum Exploration and development headquarters. Since 1996, he has successively presided over and completed "the research on the control of structural characteristics of Kashi depression on oil and gas accumulation", "the compilation of 1:500000 plate tectonic lithofacies map and the research on basin nature and favorable zone", "the research on Carboniferous Permian foreland basin evolution and oil and gas prospect in the northwest margin of Tarim Basin", "the research on Piedmont structure in the southwest margin of Tarim Basin" Characteristics and their relationship with oil and gas accumulation, present structural structure and its oil and gas potential in the southeast margin of Yangtze River, research on Jurassic structure, reservoir and oil and gas prospect in the east of Kuqa depression, NSFC project "post collision orogeny and sedimentary response of the western segment of the South Tianshan margin of China", "ore controlling structure of lead and zinc deposits in the southwest margin of Yangtze plate" There are more than ten scientific research projects, such as research on ore controlling factors and ore-forming potential of lead-zinc deposits in the east of Xunyang basin, research on Proterozoic geological formation and its structural attributes in the south of Liupanshan Mountain. He has published more than 20 scientific research papers.



Departments:General Geology Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Geological structure analysis; regional structure analysis; basin structure analysis;

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