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Wang Bin, male, Han nationality, associate professor, Department of geology, Northwest University, was born in January 1976. In 1998, he graduated from the Department of Geosciences, Nanjing University (base class) and obtained a bachelor's degree in geology. In June 2007, he obtained a doctor's degree in structural geology from Nanjing University. From September 2007 to July 2010, he worked in the postdoctoral mobile station of the Department of geology, Northwest University. In July 2010, he left the station and stayed in school for teaching. From September 2014 to September 2015, he visited scholars at Australian National University. He has successively presided over one National Natural Science Foundation postdoctoral fund, one youth fund, one major project and one general fund. At present, it mainly studies the paleogeographic reconstruction of the main plates and microplates in East Asia from Late Paleozoic to early Mesozoic.

Main research fields: structural geology, PALEOMAGNETISM

Course teaching: topography and geological survey

Published academic papers in recent years:

Wang, B., Zhang, G. W., Li, S. Z., Yang, Z. Y., Andrew P. Roberts, Zhao, Q., Wang, Z. Y., Early Carboniferous paleomagnetic results from the northeasternn margin of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau and their implications, Gondwana Research, 2016(36)57-64.

Wang, B., Zhang, G. W., Yang, Z. Y., New Mesozoic paleomagnetic results from the northeastern Sichuan basin and their implication, Tectonophysics, 2013(608)418-427.

Wang, B, Zhang, G. W., New Jurassic paleomagnetic results from southeastern China and their geological implication,Acta Geologica Sinica, 2011,85(4)792-800.

Wang, B, Zhang, G. W., Tectonic rotation in tche western South-Dabashan orogenic belt in late Mesozoic,Chinese Science Bulletin, 2010, 55(14):1423-1429.

Wang, B., Yang, Z., Late Cretaceous paleomagnetic results from southeastern China, and their geological implication, Earth Planet Sci. Lett, 2007, 258, 315-333.

Wang Bin, Shu Liangshu, Yang Zhenyu, early and Middle Jurassic tectonostratigraphic study in Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong. Journal of stratigraphy. 2006,30 (1): 42-49


Wang Bin

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Title:Associate professor

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