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Feng Congjun: male, born in 1981 in Jiaonan, Shandong Province, member of the Communist Party of China, doctor of science, associate professor, doctoral supervisor. In 2004, he graduated from China University of Petroleum (East China) and obtained bachelor's degree in exploration technology and engineering; in 2004-2006, he worked in Dongfang geophysics company as assistant engineer; in 2009, he obtained master's degree in earth exploration and information technology from China University of Petroleum (Beijing); in 2012, he obtained doctor's degree in geology from China University of Petroleum (Beijing); from 2012 to now, he has taught in the Department of geology of Northwest University From May 2016 to November 2016, he visited the Department of atmospheric and Geosciences, University of Alberta, Canada.

Undergraduate courses: reservoir description, oil and gas field development geology;

Postgraduate courses: modern oil and gas comprehensive exploration technology (participation), research progress of oil and gas geology (participation).

University Student Innovation Fund:

1. Quantitative anatomy of the underwater distributary channel outcrop of the delta front of the Yan'an formation of the xixingzi River in the Ordos Basin, Kangning, 2014 grade, etc., which is Chuang and provincial Chuang;

2. Quantitative anatomy of the outcrop of quliuhedianba sand body, Yanchang group 1, Fuxian County, Ordos Basin, Li Furong, et al., 2016, Xiaochuang.

Fine description of single sand body, reservoir configuration, 3D geological modeling and remaining oil prediction of clastic reservoir; fine description of geological geophysical reservoir; research on seismic sedimentology of deep-water reservoir; fine interpretation of conventional and low resistivity reservoir logging.

1. Quantitative identification of internal configuration elements of straight underwater distributary channel based on cross-correlation analysis of logging curve (41502127), National Natural Science Youth Fund, 2016.1-2018.12, person in charge.

3. Research on reservoir configuration of Bashang River in delta front based on outcrop prototype model (2015m572594), general program of Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2015.1-2016.12, principal.

6. Research on prediction method of tight sandstone oil desserts of Yanchang group 7, Ordos Basin, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of mineral resources exploration and comprehensive utilization, 2015.1-2016.12, person in charge.

8. characteristics, classification and typical geological model establishment of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs in China (41390451), major project 1 of NSFC, 2014.1-2018.12, participants.

9. Analogy analysis of reservoir forming conditions of large oil and gas fields in the South China Sea deepwater area and main controlling factors of reservoir forming in the world deepwater area (2016zx05026-007-007), major special sub topic, 2016.1-2020.12, participants.

10. Sedimentary microfacies research and fine reservoir unit division of cha71 fault block in Chaheji oilfield, CNPC North China Oilfield Company, October 2017-september 2018, participants.

12. Prediction of Mesozoic oil-bearing sand body and interpretation of sequence seismic data of Lake Basin, CNPC Changqing Oilfield Company, Dec. 2013-aug. 2015, participants.

Published papers:

2.Feng C.J., Yang H., Pu R.H., et al, 2017, Lithology and oil-bearing properties of tight sandstone reservoirs: Chang 7 member of Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation, southwestern Ordos Basin, China, Geosciences Journal, 21(2):201-211.

6. Feng C.J., Shi W.C., et al., 2018, Depositional environments and petrofacies of X~XII sand groups of K2qn3 Formation, Daqingzijing Area,Songliao Basin,China, Journal of Petroleum Exploration & Production, 8:363-374.

7. Feng Congjun, Bao Zhidong, Dai Chunming, Zhang Zhaoqian, superposition mechanism of single sand body in underwater distributary channel of delta front and control of remaining oil, petroleum and natural gas geology, 2015,36 (1): 128-135

9. Feng Congjun, Dan Qitong, Shi Weicheng, et al. Reservoir heterogeneity and control of remaining oil distribution in the fourth member of Quanquan formation in Fuyu oilfield, Journal of China University of Petroleum (NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2013,37 (1): 1-7

11. Feng Congjun, Bao Zhidong, Zhang Jihui, et al. Division of base level cycles and control of single sand bodies in the fourth member of Quanzhong formation of Fuyu oilfield, Journal of Jilin University (Geoscience Edition), 2012,42 (S2): 62-69

13. Feng C.J., Bao Z.D., Wang Y., 2011, The flow units study based on reservoir architecture. Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, 361, 66-69.

15. Feng Congjun, Bao Zhidong, Wang Ying, et al. Study on the lower limit of effective thickness of the reservoir in the fourth member of Quanzhong formation in Fuyu oilfield, fault block oil and gas field, 2011,18 (6): 714-717

17. Feng C.J., Bao Z.D., Wang Y., et al, 2010, Sedimentary microfacies and distribution of remaining oil of the Q4 Member in Central of Fuyu oilfield,2010 International conference on resources and information technology: 479-485, Kai Feng, 09.10-12.

20. Du Jiangmin, Zhang Xiaoli, Zhong Gaorun, Feng Congjun, et al. Optimization and application of well logging evaluation method for organic carbon content of tight oil source rock - Taking Yanchang Formation 7 member of Ordos Basin as an example, geophysical progress, 2016, 31 (6): 2526-2533

22. Sun Mengsi, Liu Chiyang, Yang Yang, Zhang Ge, Feng Congjun, seismic forward modeling of Yingshan formation carbonate fracture cave reservoir in Tazhong area, Tarim Basin, geoscience front, 2017,24:1-11


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