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Wu Bolin, male, born in 1967, Han nationality, doctor, Professor, doctoral supervisor;

He has successively presided over or participated in more than 40 scientific research projects such as national key basic research and development planning (973), National Natural Science Foundation, National Science and technology research "305" project, China Nuclear Industry Corporation Youth Science and technology fund project, China Geological Survey Bureau, Changqing Oilfield, Nuclear Industry Corporation, etc. (see Annex I for representative projects); In 2005, as a key teacher, he was selected into the "Yangtze River scholars and innovation team development plan" and "energy basin oil and gas geology" innovation team of the Ministry of Education (irt0559). It has won five awards, including the national science and technology progress award, the science and technology progress award of CNNC (provincial and ministerial level), and the science and technology progress award of Shaanxi Province (see Appendix 2). As of the end of 2012, more than 60 academic papers have been published at home and abroad (see Appendix 3 for representative papers).

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2. National key basic research and development plan (973) project "characteristics of oil and gas escape and alteration in the northeast of Ordos Basin and its identification mark (2004-2009)", 2003cb214608, in charge of the project;

4. Project of China Geological Survey Bureau, "occurrence mechanism and distribution law of multiple energy minerals coexisting in the same basin in major sedimentary basins in northern China", 2012-2013, project leader;

5. Project of China Geological Survey Bureau, "Discussion on coexistence characteristics and enrichment rules of multiple energy sources in Qaidam Basin", 2013-2014, project leader;

6. Project of China Geological Survey Bureau, "comprehensive investigation and evaluation of multiple energy sources in Ordos Basin", 2014-2016, project leader;

7. Project of China Geological Survey Bureau, "Research on key methods of uranium exploration in Ordos Basin", 2015-2017, project leader;

8. Sub theme of "new area development of in-situ leachable sandstone type uranium deposit evaluation in Turpan Hami basin" (2001ba609a-07-13), "uranium ore control factors and resource potential evaluation in baizuishan dihar section in the south edge of Turpan Hami basin", 2002-2003, under the general project of "305" scientific and technological research project of Xinjiang advantageous mineral resources exploration and evaluation during the national "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, in charge of the project;

10. Special fund project of Ministry of science and technology of State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, "geological characteristics and genetic significance of" silicified wood like "in ore bearing strata of Dongsheng deposit", 2009-2011, project leader;

12. Entrusted by Beijing Institute of geology of nuclear industry, LA-ICP-MS U-Pb precise dating research on uranium minerals, 2013-2014. Project leader;

14. Project commissioned by the Department of land and resources of Qinghai Province, "Research on cobalt mineralization law and prospecting potential in Tuolugou - dulingou area of Qinghai Province", 2009-2010, in charge of the project;

16. Project commissioned by Beijing Institute of geology of nuclear industry, technical director of research on Mesozoic Cenozoic sedimentary system and structural evolution of Ordos Basin, 2005-2006;

17. Coexistence, enrichment and temporal and spatial distribution of oil, gas, coal and uranium in Ordos Basin (2008zdkg-48). Major science and technology project of "13115" science and technology innovation project in Shaanxi Province, 2009-2011, technical director;

18. Northwest Geological Bureau of nuclear industry. Study on metallogenic environment and material composition of ukurqi Zajistan uranium deposit, Ili Basin, 1995-1996, technical director;

20. Scientific research project of the Bureau of nuclear industry geology, research on metallogenic characteristics and mechanism of Xiangshan rich uranium, 1990-1991, technical director.

2. Wu Bolin, Liu Chiyang, Ma Yanping, Qiu Xinwei, Wang Jianqiang, Hu Liang, Liu Chao. The title of the award is: "natural gas escape and its alteration, mineralization effect in the northeast of Ordos Basin", Certificate No. 2010-k02, Department of education of Shaanxi Province; first prize of science and Technology Award of Shaanxi University, 2010;

4. Wu Bolin, Chen Hongbin, Miao Weidong. Title of award: "study on metallogenic prospect and in-situ leaching geological conditions of special type interlayer oxidation zone type uranium deposit in Suhongtu basin, Inner Mongolia", third prize of ministerial science and technology progress award of China Nuclear Industry Corporation, 1997, Certificate No. 97-3-029-1;

5. Chai Baomin, Wu Bolin, Gao Libao. The title of the award is "basic geological characteristics, output control conditions and uranium mineralization relationship of pegmatite intensive area in Shangdan area", the third prize of science and technology progress award of Northwest Geological Exploration Bureau of nuclear industry, 1997, Certificate No. 96-3-13;

1. An Jun Wei, Bai Lin Wu (corresponding author), Ben Hao Zhang, Zi Sheng song, Hai Tong Wang, Dan Wang, Xiao ni cun and Li sun. Geological and geological characteristics of Chang 7 uranium enriched hydraulic source rocks in Ordos Basin and the possible reasons for it Formation.Applied Mechanics And Materials.Vol .551,16-22, 2014.2014 (EI,ISTP);

4、Wu Bolin, Zheng Gui,Zhang Aijia,Wang Weiyang,Qiu Xinwei, Wang Jianqiang, Hu Liang and Zhang Benhao. The different characteristics and geological significance of reduction alteration of sandstone-type uranium deposits in Northwest Region of China. Energy Exploration & Exploitation, Volume 27 Number 4 2009 pp. 261-275(SCI);

8、Bolin Wu Liang Hu and Xinwei Qiu. Characteristics of Nature Gas Leakage and the alteration effects in the northeast ofOrdosBasin. Journal of Engineering,2008,5(4):1002.

9. Wu Bolin, Wei Anjun, Liu Chiyang, song Zisheng, Hu Liang, Wang Dan, Cun Xiaoni, Sun Li, Luo Jingjing. Stable isotope tracing of white sandstone formation in Yan'an formation, northern Ordos Basin and its geological significance, geoscience front, 2015, 22 (3): 179-188 (EI);

11. Wang Dan (for my graduate student), Wu Bolin, Cun Xiaoni, Sun Li, Xu Zigao, Zhan Jie, Yuan Kang. The coexistence of various energy minerals in the same basin and its geological significance in Qaidam Basin. Journal of Geoscience and environment, 2015, 37 (3): 55-67;

12. Cunxiaoni (for my postgraduate), Wu Bolin, Zhang Hongshen, Sun Li, Luo Jingjing, Li Yanqing, pangkang, Zhang Xi. Study on the occurrence state of uranium in Daying uranium deposit, Ordos Basin. Northwest geology, 2016, 49 (2): 189-200

13. Bian Fei (for my postgraduate), Wu Bolin, Gao Yongwang, Zhang kunhong, Li Liansong, Wang Fu, Ma ye, Wu Wei, Wang Haitong, Wei Anjun. Geochemistry, zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating and geological significance of zharijia granite in Dachang area, Qinghai Province, 2013, 32 (3): 625-640;

15. Wu Bolin, Liu Chiyang, Wang Jianqiang. The basic characteristics of fluid geological process of sandstone type uranium deposits in interlayer oxidation zone. Chinese Science (D Series), 2007, 37 (supplement I): 157-165

17. Wu Bolin, Liu Chiyang, Zhang Fuxin, Fang Xiyan, Liu Xiong. Geochemical properties and Metallogenic Significance of epigenetic alteration of Dongsheng sandstone type uranium deposit. Journal of geology, 2006,80 (5): 740-747

19. Wubailin, the basic characteristics of sandstone type uranium deposits in the world and the evolution of their mineralization. JOURNAL OF NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY (NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2006,36 (6): 940-947

21. Wu Bolin, Quan Zhigao, Wei Guanhui, Peng Xinjian, Wang Jinping, Li Zhanyou, Xu Gaozhong, Liu Chiyang, Zhang Fuxin. The basic characteristics of the geology and geochemistry of sandstone type uranium deposits in the southwest edge of the Turpan Hami basin. Deposit geology, 2005,24 (1): 32-43

22. Wu Bolin, Liu Chiyang. Basic characteristics and metallogenic evolution of sandstone type uranium deposits in Central Asia and its adjacent areas. See Liu Chiyang, editor in chief: Research Progress of coexistence, enrichment and accumulation of various energy minerals in the basin, Science Press, 2005:215-228

26. Wu Bolin, Huang Zhizhang, Li Xiuzhen, Zhang Fa. Preliminary study on paleofluid geological process and sandstone type uranium mineralization in the southwest of Turpan Hami basin. Uranium geology. 2003,19 (6): 326-332

27. Wu Bolin, he Jianguo, Gong Binli. The neotectonic ore control law in the southwest of Turpan Hami basin and the prediction of the favorable metallogenic area around the Shihongtan deposit. Uranium geology, 2003,19 (5): 271-276

28. Wu Bolin, he Jianguo, Gong Binli, Xu Gaozhong. Neotectonic movement characteristics and ore control law of sandstone type uranium deposits in the southwest of Turpan Hami basin. Uranium geology in Northwest China, 2003, 29 (2): 13-17

30. Wu Bolin. Analysis of uranium mineralization characteristics, genetic mechanism and in-situ leaching geological conditions of oxidation zone type uranium in Suhongtu formation, Suhongtu basin, Inner Mongolia. Uranium geology of Northwest China. 1997,23 (2): 26-31



Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Uranium geology, sedimentary basin analysis, deposit geochemistry,Energy Geology, multi energy occurrence and basin accumulation (ore) system

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