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He obtained the Ph.D. degree in geological resources and geological engineering from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in February, 2015-2018, postdoctoral of Curtin University in Australia, and now teaches in the Department of geology of Northwest University in 2012, and has been a part-time associate professor of Curtin University in Australia since 2019.

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers

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2. Patents

Yu Hongyan, Wang Zhenliang, Cheng Hao. Porosity measurement method of authigenic reservoir, 2016.6.8, China, cn201610403799.8

3. Academic conferences and exchanges

1) Hongyan

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2) Hongyan Yu*,

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8) Yu Hongyan *, Wang Zhenliang, Cheng Hao, et al. Analysis of the main control factors of the distribution of gas and water in the carbonate formation of the fifth member of the Majian formation in Jingbian area, the Eighth China Academic Conference on petroleum systems and reservoirs, Hangzhou, China, 2015

4. Project situation

1) Research on mechanical response mechanism of lacustrine shale based on saturation and different scales, sponsored by National Natural Science Youth Fund, 2020-2023.

2) Based on the research on the main control factors of elastic mechanics of lacustrine shale reservoir under the constraints of saturation and lithofacies type, the project of young talent promotion program of Shaanxi University Association of science and technology, 2018-2020, presided over.

3) Research on pore development characteristics and sedimentary law of Luohe formation aquifer in Binchang mining area, hosted by China coal technology and industry group, 2018-2020.

4) Shale characteristics and shale sedimentary facies analysis of Yan'an Zhiluo Formation of coal seam roof in Zhaojin coal mine, China coal technology and industry group, 2017-2018, participated.

5) Well logging evaluation method for effective reservoir boundary of tight oil and gas, subject of Shaanxi Key Laboratory of mineral resources exploration and comprehensive utilization, 2015-2018, presided over.

6) Interpretation model of pore structure of continental shale gas reservoir based on logging data, youth talent project of scientific research program of Shaanxi Provincial Department of education, 2013-2016, presided over.

7) Response mechanism and pore structure characteristics of resistivity logging of continental shale gas reservoir, development project of National Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, 2013-2016, presided over.

8) Potential evaluation and favorable target prediction of continental shale gas resources in the lower member of Yanchang formation, Ordos Basin, Yanchang Petroleum Company, 2013-2016, participated.



Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Title:Associate professor
Direction:Petrophysics, digital core, logging geology, unconventional reservoir evaluation, machine learning, rock mechanics and carbon dioxide storage research,

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