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Zhang Xiaoli: female, doctor, Professor, doctoral supervisor. From 2013 to 207, he was a member of the geological teaching steering committee of the Ministry of education; deputy director of the eighth petroleum logging Professional Committee of the Shaanxi petroleum institute; director of the Eighth Council of the Shaanxi petroleum institute; director of the 17th Council of the Shaanxi Geological Institute; deputy leader of the cooperation group in the field of national master of geological engineering; member of the Chinese Petroleum Institute and geophysical society. Mainly engaged in the teaching and research work of geophysical logging data processing and logging geological analysis. He has successively presided over and completed research topics related to tight oil, shale gas, CCS, fine evaluation of logging microfacies, well logging reservoir prediction, fine interpretation of oil, gas and water, fracture identification and rating, well logging interpretation model research of complex medium reservoir, etc. Presided over 3 national major project research projects, 1 National 863 project, and more than 40 key scientific and technological research projects of Oilfield Company.

In recent 10 years, it has won one second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award and one third prize of Shaanxi science and technology award. Four national invention patents are authorized. He has published nearly 40 academic papers (including EI papers and SCI papers) and 2 academic monographs.


Zhang Xiaoli

Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Well logging data processing and interpretationWell logging geological analysisWell logging reservoir analysis
Tel:029 88307676

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