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He has presided over and participated in more than ten vertical and horizontal scientific research projects, including the subproject of the 973 multi energy project of the Ministry of science and technology, the National Natural Science Youth Fund, the National Key Laboratory fund of continental dynamics, Changqing Oilfield, etc. He is a key member of the innovation team of "energy basin oil and gas geology" of the Ministry of education and "oil and gas geology and exploration" of Shaanxi Province. He has published more than 20 papers in core journals, including 6 papers searched by SCI and EI. It has won 2 first prizes of Shaanxi science and Technology Award and 1 second prize of national science and technology progress award. The research direction is basin structural evolution and transformation, provenance analysis and basin mountain coupling relationship analysis. Outstanding progress has been made in provenance analysis of sedimentary basins, and published articles have won the titles of high citation and high download rate.

Presided over or participated in scientific research projects:

1. Structural characteristics and formation and evolution of main sections in the northern part of the North-South structural belt. Project of National Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, 2017-2020, presided over

2. Changqing Research Institute of CNPC Dongfang geophysics company, 208030064, petroleum geological conditions and exploration potential evaluation of BAYANHOT basin, 2016-2017, presided over.

3. Temporal and spatial distribution of oil and gas in Ordos Basin and its relationship with multi energy minerals. Subproject of "comprehensive multi energy geological survey of Ordos Basin" of China Geological Survey Bureau, 2015-2016, presided over.

4. Mesozoic provenance change in the northwest of Ordos Basin and its implications for intracontinental orogeny, independent research project of State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, 2013-2015, presided over.

5. Research on the sedimentary characteristics and dynamic environment of Yanchang period in the northwest of Ordos Basin, the sub project of the State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, 2014-2015, presided over.

6. The time limit of the Meso Cenozoic uplifting in Helan Mountain and the characteristics of the different uplifting, hosted by NSFC youth fund, 2010-2012.

7. Dynamics mechanism of Mesozoic lake basin formation in Ordos Basin and its control on sedimentation, major special project of "12th Five Year Plan" of CNPC Changqing Oilfield Branch, 2011-2013, participated in.

8. Fission track study of Meso Cenozoic uplift time limit in Helan Mountain, independent research project of State Key Laboratory of continental dynamics, 2009-2011, presided over.

9. Dynamic environment of Mesozoic original basin restoration and evolution transformation in Ordos Basin, a key project subproject of NSFC, 2008-2012.

10. Ordos Basin Mesozoic original basin recovery, later transformation and its oil and gas effect, CNPC Changqing Oilfield Company, 2010-2011, participated in.

11. Late Paleozoic structural evolution of Ordos Basin and its control on sedimentation, CNPC National Science and technology major project, 2009-2010, participated in.

Recent major papers:

1.Hongge Zhao,Chiyang Liu, etc.Structural reverse and its significance to oil and gas accumulation in Ordos block in Neogene. Energy Exploration and Exploitation,2009,27(3):167-180

2.Hongge Zhao,Chiyang Liu, etc.Characteristics of later different reformation and its significance in occurrence of multi-energy deposits in Ordos Basin. Energy Exploration and Exploitation,2011,29(4):433-452

3. Zhao Hongge, Liu Chiyang, Wang Jianqiang, et al. Discussion on the transverse structural belt in the central part of the western edge of Ordos Basin, JOURNAL OF NORTHWEST UNIVERSITY (NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION), 2009, 39 (3): 490-496

4. Zhao Hongge, Liu Chiyang, Wang Hailan, et al. Source analysis of Late Triassic sediments in the northern part of Helan Mountain, Journal of sedimentation, 2012, 30 (4): 63-69

6. Wang Hailan *, Zhao Hongge, Liu Chiyang, et al. Restoration of early Middle Jurassic Yan'an sedimentary boundary in Northwest Ordos Basin, geological science and technology information, 2013, 32 (4): 38-42

8. Fu Xinghui, Zhao Hongge *, Zhou Yijun, Wang Hailan, et al. Zircon U-Pb dating and provenance significance of Jurassic LA-ICP-MS in Langshan area, Mongolia. Geological bulletin, 2016, 35 (12): 2063-2075

9. Liu Chiyang, Zhao Hongge, Zhao Junfeng, Wu Bolin, Huang Lei, Wang Jianqiang, Zhang Dongdong, Zhang Shaohua. Energy basin sedimentology and its frontier scientific issues. Journal of sedimentation. 2017, 35 (5): 1032-1043

10. Li Meng, Zhao Hongge *, Li Wenhou, Ren Zhanli, zhuoyuzhou, Fu Xinghui. Provenance analysis and spatiotemporal evolution of the middle Late Triassic in Helanshan area. Journal of palaeogeography, 2018, 20 (6): 1043-1060


Zhao Hongge

Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Structural evolution and transformation process of sedimentary basin; provenance analysis of sedimentary basin; basin mountain relationship analysis

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