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Heilongjiang was born in Daqing in November 1968. From 1986 to 1993, he studied in the Department of geology of Northwest University for bachelor's degree (oil and natural gas geology) and master's degree (coal field oil and gas geology and Exploration), and obtained bachelor's degree and master's degree. In 1993, he stayed in school and taught. From 1995 to 2000, he was an on-the-job doctor in geology of Northwest University. In 2008, he was promoted to professor. In 2010, he was selected as doctoral supervisor.

It is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research in the fields of early reservoir evaluation, oil description, remaining oil potential exploration, etc. He has successively lectured courses such as reservoir physics, oilfield development and EOR technology and petroleum and natural gas geology progress quality, published a monograph "the influence of reservoir damage on flow unit of lithologic reservoir", published more than 60 articles, directed 52 graduate students and 6 doctoral students.

He has successively presided over and completed more than 40 provincial and ministerial key projects, such as national, PetroChina and Sinopec. He has made a series of achievements in reservoir description, geological modeling, numerical simulation, reservoir pore structure and micro seepage characteristics, reservoir damage, long-term water injection development reservoir dynamic change, etc., which has important guiding significance for the scientific exploration and development of oil and gas in the research area Righteousness. The research results are published in petroleum journal, sedimentary journal, petroleum journal, petroleum and natural gas geology, petroleum exploration and development, petroleum experimental geology and other important academic journals. Some projects presided over and completed are as follows:

1. Study on the relationship between interlayer heterogeneity and water drive effect (National Science and technology major project sub project 2008zx05013-005);

2. Fine oil tracing and EOR technology in Wangyao district (National Science and technology major special sub project 2008zx05013-005);

3. Reservoir description and geological modeling of Chang81 in Jiyuan oilfield;

4. Fine reservoir description of hu307-xin46 area in Hujianshan oilfield;

5. Fine reservoir description of zhen287 area, Zhenyuan;

6. Hu 154 fine reservoir description and stable production technology research;

7. Study on percolation mechanism and well pattern optimization technology of low permeability reservoir in North China;

8. Nny water injection development plan;

9. Research on stable production technology in Baima middle area of Xifeng Oilfield;

10. Study on water drive law and effect evaluation of Chang 8 reservoir in Jiyuan oilfield;

11. Study on oil-water movement and stable production technology of Chang 6 reservoir in Wu 433;

12. Adaptability evaluation of technical policy of Shaan 92 yan9 reservoir in Jing'an oilfield;

14. The oil-water distribution law and Development Countermeasures of Chang 6 in Jiyuan;

15. Study on reservoir characteristics and enrichment rules of Chang 2 and Jurassic in Jiyuan area;

16. Reservoir characteristics and favorable area optimization of Chang 9 in Hujianshan;

17. Study on the controlling factors of Chang 7 reservoir and optimization of favorable area in Jiyuan area;

18. Study on the controlling factors and reservoir connectivity of Chang 8 reservoir in Maling area.


Zhu Yushuang

Departments:Petroleum Engineering Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Early reservoir evaluation, oil and gas field development (oil description, remaining oil tapping potential)
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