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1、 Personal profile

An Fang, female, born in 1984, associate professor, master tutor.

Main research fields: ore deposit science, ore deposit geochemistry, rock geochemistry.

Email: anfang_

Lecture courses: ore deposit science, mineralogy, ore deposit geochemistry, modern metallogenic theory

Study and work experience:

May 2015 associate professor, Department of geology, Northwest University

2013.11-2014.3 visiting scholar, Department of earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada

2011.7-2015.5 lecturer, Department of geology, Northwest University

From September 2006 to July 2011, School of earth and space science, Peking University, majoring in ore deposit geochemistry, Ph.D

L2002.9-2006.7 College of Geosciences, Jilin University, Bachelor of Geology

2、 Scientific research

1. Academic papers

lAn F, Zhu YF, Wei SN, Lai SC. 2016. The zircon U-Pb and Hf isotope constraints on the basement nature and Paleozoic evolution in northern margin of Yili Block, NW China. Gondwana Research, doi: 10.1016/

l An F, Zhu YF, Wei SN, Lai SC. 2014. The Baogutu Au-As-Sb deposit in west Junggar, NW China: a possible epizonal intrusion-related gold deposit. Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition), 88: 681-682

lAn F, Zhu YF, Wei SN, Lai SC. 2013. An Early Devonian to Early Carboniferous volcanic arc in North Tianshan, NW China: Geochronological and geochemical evidence from volcanic rocks. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 78(12): 100-113

lAn F, Zhu YF. 2009. Native arsenic found in Baogutu gold deposit. Chinese Science Bulletin, 54: 1744-1749

L Anfang, Wang curi, Zhu Yongfeng, Wang Jianqi, Wei shaoni, Lai shaocong, seitmuratova E. 2015. Mineralogy and geochemistry of ore-forming rocks in sayak ore field, Central Asia: magmatic properties and metallogenic significance. Acta petrologica, 31 (2): 555-570

L Anfang, Zhu Yongfeng, Wei shaoni, Lai shaocong. 2014. Chronology, geochemical characteristics, geological and Metallogenic Significance of Shizishan subvolcanic rocks in Jingxi ilmande gold deposit area, Tianshan, Northwest China. Acta petrologica Sinica, 30 (6): 1545-1557

L Anfang, Zhu Yongfeng. 2014. Trace element geochemistry of Baogutu gold deposit, western Junggar, Xinjiang. Journal of petromineralogy, 33 (2): 329-342

L Anfang, Wang curi, Zhu Yongfeng, seitmuratova E. 2014. Study on the composition and significance of skarn minerals in the representative mining area of sayak copper field, Kazakhstan. Deposit geology, 33 (3): 521-540

L Anfang, Zhu Yongfeng, Wei shaoni, Zheng Bo. 2014. Study on geological characteristics and metallogenic model of gold deposits in Baogutu area. Deposit geology, 33 (4): 761-775

L Anfang, Zhu Yongfeng. 2011. A review of metallogenic geochemistry of hydrothermal gold deposits. Deposit geology, 30: 799-814

2. Scientific research projects

L Au Cu mineralization research in Baogutu area, western Junggar, Xinjiang (project leader, youth fund project of NSFC, implementation period: 2013.1-2015.12).

L geochemical study of Carboniferous volcanic rocks in western Junggar (project leader, key laboratory project of continental dynamics, implementation period: April 2012 to April 2014).

L gold mineralization system research related to Baogutu and intrusive rocks in western Junggar (project leader, key laboratory project of continental dynamics, implementation period: June 2014 to June 2016).

L geochemical study of volcanic rocks in Hatu gold mine area, western Junggar (project leader, science and technology program of Shaanxi Provincial Department of education, implementation period: 2014.4-2016.4).

L research on prediction cooperation of large-scale ore concentration area around Balkhash West Junggar (key member of the project, international science and technology cooperation project of the Ministry of science and technology, implementation period: 2011-2013).

L optimization and evaluation of ore prospecting target area of balluk - shermistai large deposit (key member of the project, National Science and technology support plan project, implementation period: 2011-2015).

3. Academic monograph

Zhu Yongfeng, an Fang, Xu cunyuan, et al. 2013. Metallogenic law of gold and copper in and around hartu, Xinjiang, and deep prospecting prediction. Geological Press.

4. Scientific Research Award

Li Siguang outstanding doctoral student award in 2010

2011 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Peking University

L1014 excellent young academic backbone support program candidate of Northwest University



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Title:Associate professor
Direction:Mineralogy and geochemistry

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