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Chen Danling: female, doctor of science, Professor, doctoral supervisor. From September 1985 to June 1992, he majored in geology and mineral deposit in the Department of geology of Northwest University, obtained bachelor's degree and master's degree, and stayed in school for teaching. In 2001, he was promoted to associate professor, among which, he obtained the Ph.D. in mineralogy, petrology and mineral deposit science from the Department of geology of Northwest University in 2008, was selected as "112" talents of Northwest University in 2003, and was promoted to Professor in 2010.

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Research projects: successively presided over and participated in more than 30 general projects, key and major projects, national key basic research and development planning projects (973 projects), and horizontal cooperation projects of PetroChina Liaohe Oilfield crystalline reservoir petrology and isotope chronology. The main scientific research projects in the past five years are as follows:

Time project name project source contribution

2015,1-2018,12 petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of Yuka hard pillar garnet pyroxene in northern Qaidam

Petrological record and genesis of melt / fluid activity in yukahe Eclogite in the northern Qaidam ultrahigh pressure belt from January 2011 to December 2013

Ultra deep subduction metamorphism of the continental crust and its transformation from January 2015 to December 2019

2009,1-2013,12 national "973" project research backbone of the petrological record of the ultra deep subduction and exhumation of continental crust

Chemical process and mineralization of subduction of plate 2011,1-2014,12

2015,1-2019,12 & gt; 9gpa subduction, exhumation and deep penetration of continental crust

2015, 1-2019, 12: participation in the innovation group project of NSFC

2009,1-2012,12 research backbone of special funds for Key Laboratory of the Ministry of geodynamics and science and technology of the central and Western China continental deep subduction


Chen Danling

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Direction:It is mainly engaged in metamorphic petrology, mineral geochemistry and rock geochemistry related to the deep subduction of the continent. Taking the North Qinling Mountains in the central and Western orogenic belt of China, the northern margin of Qaidam Basin and the Altun orogenic belt as the main research areas, the research methods of mineralogy, petrology, element and isotope geochemistry are used to study the high pressure ultrahigh pressure metamorphism, the deep fluid evolution and element activity of the subduction belt, the magmatic response of the subduction and exhumation process of the plate, etc., and to explore the middle The spatiotemporal distribution of UHP metamorphic rocks, the dynamics and geochemical process of plate subduction and exhumation in Western China.

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