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Course: sedimentary petrology, sedimentary geology, second year Mapping Practice

Research interests: basin sedimentary filling and sequence development process; response of sedimentation to structure, climate and sea level rise and fall; control of continental margin and intracontinental deformation on formation, evolution and inversion of sedimentary basins

2003.9-2007.7 base class, Department of geology, Northwest University, Bachelor of science;

2007.9-2010.7 master of science, Department of geology, Northwest University;

2010.9-2013.7 structural geology, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctor of Science

Professional experience:

2013.7 present lecturer, Department of geology, Northwest University;

2015.8-2016.8Adjunct Associate Research Scientist,

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Published articles:

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Liu Linyu, Duan Liang, Li Hong, Gao Feng, Cao Qing. 2013. Experimental course of crystal optics and sedimentary petrology. Geological Press, Beijing. 140P

Summary of oral report:

Duan, L., 2018,Nanpanjiang basin: a window on intracontinental tectonic development of South China during Triassic assembly of the southeastern Asia:Vol. 20 , EGU2018-7233, Vienna, Austria.

Duan, L., and Meng, Q.-R., 2015, Tectonic and sedimentary evolution of Triassic Nanpanjiang basin, South China: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 47, no. 7, p. 37., Baltimore, USA.

Duan, L., and Meng, Q. - R., 2015, tactical and disciplinary evolution of Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin, South China: the Eighth World Chinese Geological Congress, Taipei

research project:

2017-2020: presided over by the national science and technology major special task "Research on geological model of heterogeneous transport layer of typical clastic rock structure" (2017zx05008-004-004-002)

2015-2017: hosted by the youth fund of NSFC "anatomy and structural subsidence analysis of the early Middle Triassic deep-water turbidite system in the south of Nanpanjiang Basin" (41402191)

2012-2015: key project of NSFC "relationship between crustal deformation in the western part of North China Craton in Mesozoic and tectonism in the southern margin" (91114204)

2009-2012: key project of NSFC "Triassic tectonic evolution in the north of Songpan terrane" (40830314)


Duan Liang

Departments:Petrology & Mineralogy Teaching and Research Office
Direction:Sedimentary Geology

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